[Note 026.2]

'Ten Per Cent and No surrender' was the cry of the textile workeres during the strike of 1853/54. Preston lock-out was only one more manifestation of a 'strike fever' which 'raged across the country' Working men who had accepted a reduction in their wages in the hungry 1840s read in the press about growing national prosperity, and demanded the 10 per cent be restored [i]. The town of Preston was the crucial battlefield, and here the masters and men fought out a bitter trial of strength. The strike of 1853-54 closed the Preston cotton industry for seven months, and disrupted production in many other towns in Lancashire. [ii] References: [i] Smith A, The Preston Strike 1853-1854 History Today. https://www.historytoday.com/anne-smith/preston-strike-1853-1854 [ii] Dutton,H.I. & King J. E. Ten Per Cent and No Surrender The Preston Strike, 1853-1854 (Cambridge University Press 2008)


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