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This website contains popular songs and poetry about steam power. It includes folk songs, music hall songs, monologues, parlour ballads, and poems, from the Britain and Ireland. The aim of the site is to put these pieces in their social and historical context. The earliest pieces come from the time when steam power was adopted in mines and factories. The latest date from the time when the Music Hall was overtaken by radio, and popular song in Britain became dominated by American influences - c1875 to c1935

Text and music are supported by:
           References to sources, publication dates etc.
           A  Glossary;
and     Notes about the social, economic, and political background against which the songs were written and performed.

The songs and poems are divided into categories and subcategories and there is menu structure to help the user to find material.

User Guide

Hovering the mouse-pointer over a top-level menu item will reveal a list of categories

Hovering over a category might simply highlight the category as shown here for Station Life

station life category highlighted.png

Or a list of sub-categories might be shown as here for the sub-categories of Railway Workers

railway workers sub categories.png

Clicking on lowest level category selected will show
on the left of the screen some general information about the songs and poems in the category
on the right of the screen a list of items in the sub-category (in this example, Porters)

The content of category Railway Workers Sub_category Porters.png


Under the name of each item are
the years between which the item was written ('----' means unknown)
a brief indication of the content of the item
The category to which it is assigned
And an invitation to 'Read More'

Clicking on Read More will reveal the text and -where known - the music to which the song was sung.
In this example 'Railway Porter Dan' has been chosen 

content of Railway Porter Dan.png


Hovering over a glossed_itemĀ¹

Clicking on a note identifier like this [Note 000.0]

Sources (texts, music) & Publishing data

Click to show Sources etc
No Songs sources etc data available.

Sources (texts, music) & Publishing data

No Songs sources etc data available.

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