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Horse-drawn wagons being replaced by railways



When first I went a-waggonin', a-waggonin' did go
It filled me poor old parents hearts with sorrow, grief and woe
And many are the hardships I've had to undergo,

Chorus: Sing whoa me lads, sing whoa,
               Drive on me lads, drive on
               Who wouldn't be for all the world
               A jolly waggoner?

It is a dark and stormy night and I'm wetted to the skin
But I'll bear it with contented heart until I reach the inn
The I sit a-drinking with the landlord and his friends

The summer has a-coming, what pleasures we shall see
The small birds they are singing in every green tree
The blackbird and the thrushes are whistling in the grove

Now Michaelmas is coming, what pleasure we shall find; [Note 202.1]
We'll make the money fly, my boys, like chaff before the wind
And every lad shall have his lass and sit her on his knee

But now upon the country road, few wagons there you'll see; [Note 202.2]
The world's turn topsy-turvey and all things go by steam.
The public now, they all cry out, Whatever shall we do?

The railways have taken the trade, it's worse now than before;
Its made it better for one or two and ruined many a score,
But I will not let my heart go down, so join me in my song




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