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An American Black-face minstrel song probably reprinted in Britain.

When I lef New Orleans 'twas early in the morning,
I jump'd on board the cars just as the day was dawning-
Wad my banjo in my hand, I went to London city,
To play the royal folks a tune, and sing this little ditty.

O, my, O, de great big steamer's all de go,
O, dear, O, the captain he's some pumpkins, too,
Nip up, skid a ma dink, hoop de do den do.

I had a fine new Shanghai coat, and tight-kneed trowserloons on
White kid gloves on my hands, and these 'ancy' little boots on ;
When I went before the Queen, she made this observation -
Is you de color'd gemman dat's de President's relation?

She said she had a great big ship coming across de water,
In six or seven days or less, perhaps a little shorter.
loaded down with emigrants, and land them in dis section,
Get them ober here in time to vote at next election.

I went down to the dock, and walk'd on board de steamer-
It's de greatest one I eber my golly, she's a screamer
They took me in de engine-room, and I set the works in motion,
De wheels flew 'round, de biler bust, I landed in de ocean.

But now I am safe back again, hear my declaration ;
If you'll 'lect me President of this Yankee nation.
I build a great big steamer, and beat de British hollow,
And go to England in a day, without bustin' ob her boiler.



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