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The story of the wreck.

The following is a list of the passengers who sailed on the ill-fated vessel:
The list makes a total of 448 males and 167 females. "of these 198 are adult English females, 21 male children, 16 female children, 7 male infants and 5 female infants; total 226 males and 95 females. There are 7 Scottish male adults and 4 females; 43 Irish male adults, 18 females, and 3 male children; 150 adult foreigners, 32 females, 14 male children, 16 females, 5 male infants and 2 females" - Manchester Courier, April 4th 1873.

Oh! Listen you wives and mothers,
Oh, listen to these lines I crave,
Over five hundred souls they've perished,
And meet a watery grave!
Each neighbour, each friend and relation,
Are now overwhelmed with grief,
Lend a hand then all o'er the nation,
To give the poor sufferers relief

Chorus: Oh! What must have been the feelings,
Of those from the Atlantic saved!
While thinking of those have perished,
And sleep in a watery grave.

The Atlantic that ill-fated Vessel,
From Liverpool sailed away,
With Men, Women and Children,
There (sic) hearts were blythe and gay;
And when they left old England,
To reach the American shore,
Many of them they little thought,
That their friends they would ne'er see more.



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