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Historical Background:


SS Great Eastern was by far the largest ship ever built at the time of her 1858 launch, and had the capacity to carry 4,000 passengers from England to Australia without refuelling [i]
Although was first called the 'Great Eastern', she was named 'Leviathan' at her first attempted launch in November 1857. She was renamed the Great Eastern after she was successfully launched in January 1858 [ii]




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Bobby Walkstraight's Visit to the Great...

bar101: Dates 1857~1858|

Celebrates the vessel as a technical triumph and mentions the failed launch attempt of 1857.

Launch of the Great Eastern (Come cheer...

bar215: Dates 1858~1857|

Flight of fancy including an allusion to the Indian Mutiny

Launch of the Great Eastern (Oh have...

bar216: Dates 1858~1857|

Flight of fancy prompted by the great size of the vessel

Great Eastern Steamship

bar727: Dates 1857~1857|

A flight of fancy imagining royalty, politicians and other notables having a role in manning the ship.

Have You Seen the Great Eastern

bar726: Dates 1827~----|

Includes allusions to her use as a troop transport in 1861 as part of Britain's response to the American Civil War.

Hop De Dooden Doo

bar657: Dates 1858~----|

Topical song includes an allusion to the Great Eastern

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