Main Themes and Motifs

Speed and comfort of steamers
Condescending attitude to the French


1820-29   034; 046; 050; 728
1840-49   733

Uncertain: 089

Historical Background

Even while the war with France raged, the tonĀ¹ continued to copy French style and sprinkle French phrases into conversation. Hardly had the smoke cleared from the battlefield of Waterloo before the aristocracy resumed its love-affair with France.
The Clyde steamer Rob Roy; which began its life crossing the Irish Sea, was taken south and in 1821 became the first steam packet between Dover and Calais .


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Calais Packet, The

bar050: Dates 1821~1832|

A comic description of crossing the English Channel aboard one of the first steam packets emphasising the speed and relative comfort of the service.

Brighton Steam Packet

bar046: Dates 1821~1824|

A song and patter describing an excursion to Dieppe On arrival the hero makes derogatory remarks about the traditional costume of the locals and the sound of...

Ariadne Steam Packet

bar034: Dates 1824~1824|

Welcoming the first steam packet to the Channel Islands

Dover Steam Packet, The

bar089: Dates 1827~1834|

A voyage to Dover, probably from London

Everyone to Their Liking

bar728: Dates 1821~1824|

The hero crosses the channel by steam but does not like what he finds

A Custom House Breeze

bar733: Dates ----~1844|

A female smuggler.

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