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Historical Background:

The historical background to this section has been richly informed by A. Graham Lappin to whom a debt of gratitude is acknowledged by the curator.


Central Glasgow (The Broomielaw) c1830 The funnel liveries suggest the vessels of at least three companies are depicted.

The Clyde estuary had poor internal communications and many of its settlements relied on water transport. The sheltered waters are well suited to paddle ships and it became the most important centre of steamboat construction. 


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Clyde Steam Boats 1818

bar666: Dates 1818~1818|

A celebration of the early Clyde steamboats naming thirteen of them.

Greenock Railway ('Twas on a Monday...

bar146: Dates 1841~1843|

Scene at Dunoon whence Glasgow bound travellers catch the early morning steamer to Greenock to connect with the city train.

Steamer Robert Burns

bar599: Dates 1838~1838|

A celebration of the steamer including some details of its decoration and fittings.

Rothesay Castle Steam Boat

bar708: Dates 1816~1818|

Celebrates the speed and comfort of the steamer and her use as a pleasure boat

Clyde Steam Boats 1819

bar667: Dates ----~----|

Additional verses to Clyde Steam Boats 1818

On the Neptune Steam Boat

bar703: Dates 1816~1818|

A celebration of the Neptune.

The Inverary Castle Steam Boat

bar713: Dates ----~1818|

Celebrates a pleasure cruise in the vessel

Waterloo Steam Boat

bar704: Dates ----~1818|

A celebratory description of the vessel

Dumbarton Castle Steam Boat

bar706: Dates ----~1818|

The poet describes the speed and comfort of the vessel.

Marquis of Bute Steam Boat

bar710: Dates ----~1818|

Anticipates enjoying pleasure trips aboard the vessel.

Albion Steam Boat

bar705: Dates ----~1818|

In praise of the vessel and its crew.

Greenock Steam Boat

bar711: Dates ----~1818|

The poet praises the boat especially its ability to sail in water too shallow for other vessels.

On the Glasgow Steam Boat

bar707: Dates ----~1818|

The speed of the Glasgow and other steamers puts stage coaches out of business.

The Argyle Steam Boat

bar712: Dates ----~1818|

The pleasures of an excursion aboard the Argyle

Post Boy Steam Boat

bar715: Dates ----~----|

Describes the landscape around Loch Lomond and the celebrates the speed of the steam boats

Extemporare Stanza

bar714: Dates ----~----|

On hearing some favourite tunes played on the MUSICAL GLASSES, by MR. SAMUEL HUTCHISON, of the ARGYLE Steam-boat.

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