Clyde Steam Boats 1818

Now since we've met in social glee,
A new-made sang I'll sing, Sir;
I'll range the Steam-boats three by three,
Or form them in a ring Sir.

Chorus: Then haud ye blythe my hearty chiels(1),
               The Steam fu' briskly turns the wheels.

The Neptune and the Waterloo
Have been hot rivals lang, Sir;
The Defiance came to help the two,
As Helensburgh grew thrang, Sir.

The Albion has a towzy(1) snout,
The Glasgow's front is fair, Sir;
Lord Nelson follows in their route
To Largs - they aye gang there, Sir.

Dumbarton Castle flies in state,
In alliance wi' the Rothsay; [Note 666.1]
The Marquis is a vessel neat
An' trig(1) - I will the truth say.

Rob Roy with elevated prow [Note 666.2]
O'er many seas runs quickly.
And aye howe'er the billows row,
To Belfast port goes weekly.

The Margaret and the Clyde I trow, [Note 666.3]
Our grateful thanks may claim, Sir;
Be't late or dark, at ebb or flow,  
They bring us cheery hame, Sir.

Round Ailsa craig Britannia
Took twa'r three hundred folk, Sir;
T'indulge the travelling mania,
She anchor'd at the rock, Sir.

The folk in Campbeltown we find,
Are warm in commendation
Of Captain Wise, as wise and kind, [Note 666.4]
And worthy of his station.

But wat ye where has Marion gane?
She wasna here this towmond(1);
Anither course has Marion ta'en,
She's cruizing on Lochlomond. [Note 666.5]

One day we fill'd the Greenock's seats,
Quoth ane o' Mirth's ain cronies,
Whate'er horse-power the engine rates,
I wat they're souple ponies.

On market days, the Wellington
Is crowded like a fair, Sir;
The Comet like its namesakes grown, [Note 666.6]
Aye wanders here and there, Sir.

I hear the Steam-boat Robert Burns [Note 666.7]
Is building, this evinces,
That poets get a name by turns,
As weel as stars or Princes.

[Note 666.8]


Sources (texts, music) & Publishing data

Origin Collected works of the author
Source Title On the Clyde Steam Boats, Composed and sung in one of them September 1818 to its ain tune
Bargery Number 666
Roud Not in the Roud Index
Earliest Date 1818
Evidence for Earliest Date Given in the title of the song
Latest Date 1818
Evidence for Latest Date Given in the title of the song
Source of Text An article by Graham Lappin published in "Clyde Steamers" magazine and given to the curator by the author. Lappin gives his source as The Steam-Boat Miscellany, published in 1818 [Mitchell Library, Glasgow reference number ML 311790 / GC CD 821 STE]
Author William Harriston [See note 8]
Music (Given or Suggested) Tune not given
Printer or Publisher W.Falconer
Where Printed Glasgow
Other Imprints No other imprints found
First Line Now since we've met in socail glee
Parsed Title Clyde Steam Boats 1818

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