Extemporare Stanza


If I had the sleight of the Musical Glasses,
No more would I heed tho' the bottles were dry,
I would smile at the world's rough rub as it passes,
And meet my misfortunes unweigh'd with a sigh.
On mirth and good humour I'd place my reliance,
Put care and its thorns and its stings to defiance,
For music's the sweetest and pleasantest science,
For lifting the mind to contentment and glee.


Sources (texts, music) & Publishing data

Origin Collected works of the author
Source Title EXTEMPORE STANZA , On hearing some favourite tunes played on the MUSICAL GLASSES, by MR. SAMUEL HUTCHISON, of the ARGYLE Steam-boat.
Bargery Number 714
Roud Not in the Roud Index
Source of Text An article by Graham Lappin published in "Clyde Steamers" magazine and given to the curator by the author. Lappin gives his source as The Steam-Boat Miscellany, published in 1818 [Mitchell Library, Glasgow reference number ML 311790 / GC CD 821 STE]
Author William Harriston (c1780-)
Music (Given or Suggested) Tune given as 'Banks of the Dee'
Other Imprints No other imprints found
First Line If I had the sleight of the Musical Glasses

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