Marquis of Bute Steam Boat


When the vessel is lanch'd,
And with whisky is drench'd
(as the custom with every Scotch bark is,)
She so stately appear'd,
When the flag was uprear'd,
That her name is from Bute's noble Marquis.

Chorus:  God speed to the lads of the Marquis,
              Where each true to his portion of wark is;
              By the furniture neat
              In the cabins complete
              Like a palace afloat seems the Marquis.

When the weather is fine,
Ere the morning sun shine,
When conceal'd in the clouds the sky-lark is,
We'll arise in great haste,
Summer's pleasure to taste
As we fly down the Clyde in the Marquis


Sources (texts, music) & Publishing data

Origin Collected works of the author
Source Title On the Marquis of Bute Steam Boat
Bargery Number 710
Roud Not in the Roud Index
Latest Date 1818
Evidence for Latest Date Publication date
Source of Text An article by Graham Lappin published in "Clyde Steamers" magazine and given to the curator by the author. Lappin gives his source as The Steam-Boat Miscellany, published in 1818 [Mitchell Library, Glasgow reference number ML 311790 / GC CD 821 STE]
Author William Harriston (c1780-)
Music (Given or Suggested) Tune given as 'Abraham Newland'
Source of Music The Songster's Favourite Companion A collection of new and much-esteemed songs, adapted for the flute, voice, and violin. Glasgow : Printed for A. MacGoun, music-seller, by Oliver & Co. printers, 1802. p9. National Library of Scotland, Glen collection of printed music Glen.177
Printer or Publisher W.Falconer
Where Printed Glasgow
Other Imprints No other imprints found

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