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[Note 628.1] Sailing ships plied between Dublin and Parkgate on the Dee estuary. The estuary silted up at the end of the 18th century and Parkgate was superseded by Liverpool [Ref:,_Cheshire]

[Note 628.2] The Margate Hoy written by Charles Dibdin (published in the Musical and Vocal Cabinet p269) does not fit. Another possibility is The Margate Hay, sometimes called the Margate Hoy included in a collection published in 1788. It is not an exact fit but could be modified fairly easily to fit the text. It was common practice at this time for the suggested tunes to be a rough and ready fit to the text. 

[Note 628.3] Boiler explosions were a serious problem and prompted the passage of the 1819 Steamboat Act which in turn led to the instigation of annual inspection of boilers and certification by the Board of Trade [Ref: F Royal river Highway, A history of the passenger boats and services on the river Thames.p53]

[Note 628.4] Markman Ellis, Professor of Eighteenth Century Studies at Queen Mary University of London says that Tea was imported by the East India Company (and is thus sometimes described as 'Indian' [Ref: Canton Tea Company website]

[Note 628.5] Ethereal Matches, invented in 1817, consisted of a piece of paper coated with a compound of phosphorous that ignited when exposed to air. The paper was vacuum-sealed in a glass tube called the "match," which was ignited when the tube was smashed
[Ref: Museum of Everyday Life website]


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