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[Note 318.1] "to go out in the yard" use the lavatory.

[Note 318.2] The fine of 2 shillings for a days sickness suggests that wages were about 2 shillings per day. That figure is in line with the 11 shilling and 9 pence per week earnt by Gloucestershire weavers in 1840
[Ref: Knowles LCA The Industrial and Commercial Revolutions in Great Britain during the 19th century p86]

[Note 318.3] Roy Palmer says this is a reference to the Overseers' habit of keeping down wages by hiding lengths of cloth ("a cut ot two")
[Palmer, R, Working Songs, p191]

[Note 318.4] Roy Palmer says this is a reference to the Engineers' Strike of 1852
[Palmer, R, Working Songs, pp189-191]


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