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[Note 242.1] "In a splendid steam yacht I took up my station":- We cannot be sure if this song refers to a specific vessel or to a generic "steam yacht". See od005

gloss "belles of the ton and beauxs (sic) of the nation":- The ton were people of fashion; fashionable society; the fashionable world. [O.E.D.]

[Note 242.2] "My Lady Finikin" :- Finnikin : Affecting extreme refinement; dainty, fastidious, mincing; excessively precise in trifles. Also of things: Over-delicately wrought or finished; also, insignificant, paltry, trifling. [OED]

gloss "Composing draught" :- tranquillizing, soothing, sedative mixture [OED]

gloss "Bobby Fribble, an exquisite dandy from Bond Street":- Fribble: A trifling, frivolous person, one not occupied in serious employment, a trifler. [oed] "Dandy":- One who studies above everything to dress elegantly and fashionably. [O.E.D.].

gloss "The black legs(1) at cards were plucking the pigeons(1)":- a black leg is "a swindler in gambling" and a pigeon is "a naive or gullible person; a fool or simpleton; a person who is easily swindled" [OED]

gloss "John Bull":- The personification of the United Kingdom in general and England in particular. Often used in political works, cartoons and popular songs.

[Note 242.8] "Alderman Gobble of Turtle Soup fame, Was devouring of jellies to keep up his name ":- A satirical representation of members of the Court of Aldermen, part of the City of London Corporation. Gobble was the subject of many cartoons and comic stories. Turtle meat and soup became fashionable in the 19th century. It was popular at City of London Aldermanic feasts [Ref;]



gloss "The Nore":- A sandbank at the mouth of the Thames Estuary, England. It marks the point where the River meets the North Sea

gloss "Cuckold's Point":- Part of a sharp bend on the River Thames on the Rotherhithe peninsula, south-east London

[Note 242.4] "We landed at seven P. M.":- having started at 8 in the morning, an 11 hour journey. Steamboats were first fitted with high-pressure "puffer" engines, based on Richard Trevithick's design, in 1818 and by 1820 the passage time to Margate was down to six and a half hours. If the journey time is reasonably accurate and not exaggerated grossly for comic effect, it would be consistent with one of the first Margate steamers; perhaps the Margery or the Thames

[Note 242.5] "he had a shirt collar of enormous size!":- High collars were a feature of the dress style adopted by Dandies. This cartoon is by Cruikshank . The song dates from the high point of Dandyism around 1820. [Ref: Jane Austen's World]


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