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[Note 141.1] The Cheltenham and Great Western Union Railway opened between Cheltenham and Gloucester in 1840 [Ref]
The line "Why 'tis said when 'tis finished, which will be in two years," suggests that the song was written around 1838.

[Note 141.2] No drunken stage coachmen to break people's necks, overturn'd into ditches, sprawled out on your backs,:- Stage coache drivers were notorious for wild driving

[Note 141.3] "From the Sea in the morning to the Rail Road they're taken" :- Gloucester is on the Severn and while that might be a source of "salmon and trout" it is many miles from the sea. Bar480, The Wonderful Effects of the Leicester Rail Road seems to be a later variant of this song. They may both be variants of third song in which the referecens to the sea and to London make more sense

[Note 141.4] " send ready built Houses up to London by Steam" :- Charles Grant's c1835 cartoon "The century of invention Anno Domini 2000 or the march of aerostation, steam, rail roads, moveable houses & perpetual motion" which depicts a train carrying houses in place of trucks.

[Note 141.5] "As for coach horses that devour more corn in a year, than will maintain three parts of the labouring poor" One horse consumes about as much food as 8 men [Ref: History of Steam Cars 1770 1970]

[Note 141.6] They must list for Her Majesty, the great queen of Spain. A civil war in Spain from 1833 to 1839 - known as the First Carlist War was fought between supporters of the regent, Maria Christina, acting for Isabella II of Spain, and those of the late king's brother, Carlos de Borbón (or Carlos V). . Britain supported Maria Christina with money and military help in the form of the British Legion or Westminster Legion under General Sir George de Lacy Evans GCB (1787 - 9 January 1870)




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