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[Note 040.1] The Caledonian and Dumbartonshire Railway opened from Bowling to Balloch in 1850 thus connecting Loch Lomond with the Clyde. There were steamer connections at each end. This boosted the pleasure steamer traffic on the loch which in turn boosted the number of passengers using the railway.

[Note 040.2] "We started from the Broomielaw" - The Bromielaw was the main steamer quay in Glasgow. This is one of several songs that feature the connections between the railways and Clyde steamers. See also bar146~Greenock Railway.

[Note 040.3] "Unto a third-class quick did pop" - This cartoon depicts the conditions in a third class carriage

[Note 040.4] "My travelling wallet disappeared" - in this context, a wallet is a bag for holding provisions, clothing, books, etc [OED]

[Note 040.5] "A thief my pocket book did take" -  This may be either the English usage meaning "A book for memoranda, notes, etc., intended to be carried in a pocket" [OED] or "A pocket-sized folding case for holding banknotes, papers" [OED] a meaning which was falling out of use in Britain by 1850. Given the context, more likely meaning here is the case for banknotes.


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