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[Note 034.1] Ariadne was the first paddle steamer to sail to the Channel Islands, arriving in St Helier Harbour, Jersey for the first time on the morning tide of June 9th 1824. She continued to provide a service linking the islands to the UK and France until 1846 and was scrapped three years later.

[Note 034.2] Southampton town, so famous for long passages
Bow windows and old maids, gas lights and sausages,

[Note 034.3] Who but bewails thy fate, O maid so beautiful,
Condemned for being industrious and dutiful,

[Note 034.4] Coal that is small in size. Also: fine or powdered coal; also charcoal although the oed las citing is 1806 poetic ? not likely for steam engine.

[Note 034.5] flys bring the passengers to the dock.

[Note 034.6]


Needles Cliff, & Needles, Isle of Wight William Daniell published 1823

Thread the needle a game? The traditional games of England, Scotland and Ireland : with tunes, singing rhymes and methods of playing according to the variants extant and recorded in different parts of the kingdom
by Gomme, Alice Bertha


[Note 034.7] Minerva's self would stare as none e'er saw her owl,
[Note 034.8] Minerva is traditionally represented by, or accompanied by a little owl.



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