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[Note 657.1] The Great Eastern was built at Millwall on the Isle of Dogs

[Note 657.2] The cheers occasioned by every movement made by the ship may be an allusion to the unsuccessful attempt to launch her in 1857.

[Note 657.3] The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography says that Palmerston "could not ride the storm that blew up on the Conspiracy to Murder Bill and turned him out on 19 February 1858.
The attempted assassination of Napoleon in January by conspirators based in Britain had produced strongly worded French demands, diplomatic and military, for changes in her law. Palmerston found French anger 'perfectly natural'. If war resulted, France would have 'a plausible … cause which all Europe will admit to be just' (Broadlands MS, CAB/89). The cabinet baulked at his proposal to deport aliens suspected of plotting against foreign governments: the bill making conspiracy to commit murder outside the jurisdiction a felony instead of a misdemeanour was only a gesture, but on its second reading the same combination that had beaten Palmerston in 1857 carried the motion, which convicted him of going beyond conciliation to appeasement. Bystanders jeered as he went home. The political price of the French alliance had risen too high for a nation sensitive to any hint of dictation by another power. His resignation appeared to terminate Palmerston'spolitical life."

[Note 657.13] Who came for shelter once himself?- Lois Napoleon, later Napolein III was exioled in London from 1838 to 1840 and from 1846 to 1848

[Note 657.4] "Assassins all true men abhor" probably refers to the Orsini affair an attempt to kill Napoleon III in January 1858. Some of the conspiriters had spent time in England. The United Kingdom did not attempt to control or register immigrants.

[Note 657.5] The King of Naples tried to limit British influence, over the important Sicilian sulphur industry leading to tension beteeen the two countries.

[Note 657.6] The 1857 Basilicata earthquake (also known as the Great Neapolitan earthquake) occurred on December 16 in the Basilicata region of Italy southeast of the city of Naples.

[Note 657.7] King Bombo is possibly a reference to the character Bombo in the play The Royal Master by James Shirley in which the King of Naples is a main character.
the Dramatic Works and Poems of James Shirley, (London, Murray, 1833)

[Note 657.8] Prince Frederick
Victoria, Princess Royal, married Prince Frederick William of Prussia on 25 January 1858.
To pay the dowry of the Princess Royal, the British Parliament allotted the sum of 40,000 pounds and also gave her an allowance of 8,000 pounds per year.,_Princess_Royal

[Note 657.9] Piccolomini performed in London during 1857 and 1858

[Note 657.10] La Traviata by Giuseppe Verdi It was first performed in England on 24 May 1856

[Note 657.11] Les Huguenots an opera by Giacomo Meyerbeer was chosen to open the present building of the Covent Garden Theatre in 1858

[Note 657.12] Mario - maybe Giovani Mario di Candia (1810-1883) one of the most popular singers of his age who noted for his performance in Les Huguenots.

Letellier Robert Ignatius Meyerbeer's Les Huguenots: An Evangel of Religion and Love
(Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2014) p100


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