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[Note 621.1] Hammersmith bridge was the first suspension bridge over the Thames. The construction of a bridge was first sanctioned by an Act of Parliament in 1824

[Note 621.2] The construction of the Thames Tunnel from Wapping to Rotherhithe began in 1825 (the year after The Age of Inventions was published). The tunnel was the subject of two songs [British Library shelfmarks H.1756.(46.) and H.1652.v.(6.)]

Reference :

[Note 621.3] Phrenology reached its peak of fashionabilty during the 1820s

Scottish Medicine and Literary Culture, 1726-1832 Coyer MJ, Shuttleton DE, editors. (Amsterdam, 2014)

[Note 621.4] Article in the Morning Chronicle Tuesday 05 November 1822

PROJECT FOR THE IMPROVEMENT OF THE STREETS establishment of the City of London Patent Sub-Way Company. JOHN WILLIAMS, of Cornhill addressed the meeting. He enumerated the expence and inconvenience which the public were continually sustaining in this crowded metropolis by the aid Frequent breaking up of the pavements, in order to take up or put  down gas and water pipes, and to make repairs. At all times a there were some one or more of the great public thoroughfares  stopped up for the purpose of the repair of the pipes. 


[Note 621.5] Advertisement in the Public Ledger and Daily Advertiser Monday 12 July 1824 begins LONDON PATENT STEAM WASHING COMPANY The Proprietors of this Establishment, formed upon the river Wamlie, at Phipp's Bridge, Mitcham, beg leave to submit to the consideration of the Public some the advantages which it presents to their notice. It has been proved by series of experiments, that steam is the most simple and efficient agent in the claiming cotton and linen goods; that it effectually bleaches and renders soluble any oily substance, whilst does not in the smallest degree wear injure the texture of the cloth. The ordinary practice of rubbing

[Note 621.6] The newspapers reported several planned and actual balloon ascents in London during 1824 including one by Mr Graham from Pentonville reported in the London Courier and Evening Gazette Friday 18 June 1824 and one by Captain Beufoy from Waterloo reported in The Morning Advertiser Saturday 19 June 1824

[Note 621.7] The Metropolitan Marine Bath Company announce their intention to "bring a needful supply of Sea Water to London in The Morning Post of Thursday 02 September 1824

[Note 621.8] Steamboats

[Note 621.9] New London Bridge work began in 1824. The old bridge was not demolished until the new one opened in 1831



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