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Quarter: The upper part of a ship's side aft of the beam; either of the two after parts, one on each side of the centreline. Sometimes with modifying word indicating the side, as port, starboard, etc., quarter. on the quarter: in a direction about midway between astern and on the beam. [OED]

bubbing: To send (something) up in bubbles [OED]

Sam Cowell (1820-1864) Actor and singer of comical songs

Palmerston : Henry John Temple, 3rd Viscount Palmerston, (1784-1865) Holder of various senior govenrment posts between 1830 and 1859.,_3rd_Viscount_Palmerston

Scavenger: A person whose employment is to clean streets, by scraping or sweeping together and removing dirt.

Russell: 1st Earl Russell, (1792-1878) Holder of various senior govenrment posts between 1835 and 1866.,_1st_Earl_Russell

Paddy's Market: Market in Glasgow poplular with irish immigrants.

Shebeen: Chiefly in Ireland and Scotland: a shop or house where excisable liquors are sold without a licence; any low wayside public-house [OED]

William Forbes Mackenzie (1807–1862) was a Scottish Conservative politician and temperance reformer. He is best known for the Forbes MacKenzie Act, legislation passed in 1853 to regulate public houses in Scotland

Jaunting car: A light, two-wheeled vehicle, popular in Ireland, now carrying four persons seated two on each side, either back to back ( outside jaunting-car) or facing each other ( inside jaunting-car), with a seat in front for the driver. Formerly made for a larger number of passengers [OED]

[Note 727.1] The trail trip was not made until 1859

[Note 727.2] A plug for the ballad printer and seller. The Poet's Box in Glasgow was in operation between 1849 to 1911. There were other ‘Poet's Boxes' in Dundee, Edinburgh, Belfast and Paisley and, like the one in Glasgow, each sold similar titles but sometimes had local variations

[Note 727.3] Glasgow Fair was a general holiday for the working classes. It drew large numbers of showmen attracted by the large crowds.

[Note 727.4] The Great Eastern had five funnels


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