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Erin go brogh = Erin Go Bragh is the Anglicisation of a Gaelic phrase used to express allegiance to Ireland most often translated as "Ireland Forever"; also a song of the title and sentiment

Victorine = A garment, usually of fur or wool, covering the shoulders, or the neck and shoulders; a cape or short cloak, often with hanging ends. [OED]

[Note 215.1]  In 1857/58 Indians rebelled against the British rule. It shocked the British population and would still have been clearly in the public memory when the Great Eastern was launched.

[Note 215.2] Jack Sheppard (hanged 1724) was a notorious London thief. He returned to the public consciousness, as the subject of a popular novel published in 1839 and reprinted in 1862 A jack Sheppard hat was presumably a tricorn of the style associated with highwaymen.

[Note 215.3] Donkey could be a reference to a hairstyle.

[Note 215.4] The implication is that Peggy is a pick-pocket. The heroine of Dark Girl Dressed in Blue {Roud 7022} published in 1862 is a petty criminal.

[Note 215.5] The Great Eastern did not have a bowsprit




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