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Haldane Harry A brief study of the Northumbrian dialect with a selection of local songs. p38
Border History Museum p38

[Note 538.1] The Farne Archive says that "At the time this song was written, the trip to Jarrow had to be made in stages. It proved easier to take the North Shields Railway and then get out at Howdon, and use the river ferry. For a long time the railway on the south side of the River Tyne swept around Jarrow, requiring alternate forms of transport."

[Note 538.2] Jack Scott is probably one of the Scott  Brothers  scott

[Note 538.3] From 1861 a comprehensive scheme of river improvement by widening, deepening and straightening was instituted, necessitating the acquisition of a fleet of dredgers, hoppers and barges.

[Tyne and Wear Archives]

A companion, a friend; a fellow worker, a partner

Vitriol. The OED gives "One or other of various native or artificial sulphates of metals used in the arts or medicinally, esp. sulphate of iron".  However this may be a refernce to oil of vitriol which is  concentrated sulphuric acid.

To heat and stir (molten pig iron) with iron oxide in a reverbatory furnace, so as to oxidize and remove the carbon and other impurities and produce wrought iron




[Note 538.4] Dave Waller (i) says "The first powered hopper I know of was RTC NO 1 built by Wigham Richardson at Walker in 1862...being the first she might be called the great hopper".

(i) webmaster of the Tyne Tugs website 


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