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[Note 195.1] Gas lighting was installed in London during the years 1814 to 1842
[Victorian London - Lighting - Gas, history]

[Note 195.2] The gas for lighitng was distilled from coal

[Note 195.3] Altough his name implies that he is yokel, Jobson owns a chay, can afford to stay at an inn and he can read. so he may be a yeoman.

[Note 195.4] John Heathcote of Tiverton patented a steam plough in 1832 {i}. The steam plough mentioned here could well be a flight of fancy. However; Jobson seems to have been given a west country accent (e.g. "whoam" for home) so it is possible that Heathcote had begun work on his plough and that the author knew about it.

{i} Lance Day and Ian McNeil (eds.) Biographical Dictionary of the History of Technology (London, Routledge, 2005) p575

[Note 195.5] The first University boat race was held in 1829 {i}. Rowing races were held on the Thames from 1715 {ii} The song might be referring to rowing race or it may be a reference to reckless use of the river fro which the steamers became notorious.




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