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[Note 567.1] Lord Claud Hmailton (1843-1925) was director of the Great Eastern Railway, becoming vice-Chairman in 1874 and was Chairman from  1893 to 1922.]

[Note 567.3] J. F. S. Gooday, General Manager of the Great Eastern Railway. He joined the  Board of Directors in 1910.
[Ref: 50 years of railway life in England Scotland and Ireland .]

[Note 567.4} Someone who exhibits great endurance through all kinds of trials, annoyances, or provocations, is said to have “The patience of Job” [Bible James 5.11] It refers to Job's refusal to blame God for his misfortunes.

[Note 567.5] This poem has the same structure as bar053~ A Welsh Rarebit published in the Railway Review on 2nd September 1898 suggesting that they both took inspiration from a poem popular at the time.


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