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[Note 643.1] The line was opened in stages. The ceremonial opening of the line was, as the poet says, on 18th June 1838 although the final section into Newcastle opened in October 1839.
[Ref: Grace's Guide to British Industrial History -]

[Note 643.2] "awl' be there amang the rest, Buss'd as aw was iv a' maw best,":- The most sensible meaning offered by the OED for buss'd is "bus" meaning necessary or obliged; thus the lines mean I will be there among the rest, as it is necessary to be - dressed in my best'

[Note 643.3] For oft they've been i' plaguy tifts, And put the D'rectors to their shifts,":- The shareholders were reluctant to stump up the money needed to complete the line [Ref:]

[Note 643.4] Eden and Tyne were two of the locomotives

[Note 643.5] The author defines a Pea jacket, as "the outer holiday dress of a keelman"

[Note 643.6] Newcastle Upon Tyne was one of 178 boroughs granted permission by The Municipal Corporations Act to have its own council.

[Note 643.7] SWINNEY'S not idenmtified

[Note 643.8] The opening ceremony took far longer than planned see Narrative Set

[Note 643.9] Railways provided most people with their first opportunity to travel further tahn they could walk in a day. Open countryside was a novelty to most city dwellers. Insert picture

[Note 643.10] Gilsland sulphur springs were considered healthful
Insert picture

[Note 643.11] Probably a reference to The Cork Leg {Roud 4376} published several times as a Broadside. Bobby has yet to be identifed

[Note 643.12] "Clootie" has yet to be identifed




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