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[Note 272.1] The section from Blaydon to Hexham, was 17 miles long. Either the average speed was at least 34 mph! Or they travelled to Hexham at about 17mph and after a short break returned to Newcastle. “One hour and ten minutes” is a very precise measure of time and suggests that the information may have been gleaned from a newspaper report.]
[Note 272.2] "Comet," was the first loco to run the full length of the line from Newcastle to Carlisle.
[Note 272.3] Rapid was the other locomotive used at the opening ceremony.
[Note 272.4] Thomas Wentworth Beaumont Esq. MP - owner of the T.W.Beaumont Lead Company Ref:
[Note 272.5] John Blackmore succeeded Francis Giles as engineer Ref:
[Note 272.6] The line opened in 6 stages reaching the canal at Carlisle in 1837 Ref:
[Note 272.7] nshillings = at 2016 prices. A typical wage in 1835 was less than 20 shillings per week. Ref: Clark, G Average Earnings and Retail Prices, UK 1209-2010]
[Note 272.8] The T.W.Beaumont Lead Company used the line in 1834 to ship lead before it was opened to passenger traffic



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