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[Note 542.1] "One man's long big nose" A reference to the Duke of Wellington, known as "old Nosey" because of the size of his nose.

[Note 542.2]  "We had not got policemen to keep the people still":- The metropolitan police were established in 

[Note 542.3] Jump Jim Crow is a song and dance from 1828.

[Note 542.4] The first railway in London was the London and Greenwich the first section of which opened on 14th December 1836. (See Bar359, Jim Crow's Description of the New Greenwich Railroad)

[Note 542.5] In 1836, Charles Green left Vauxhall Gardens, London in a balloon named The Royal Vauxhall. He descended the next day, at at Weilburg in Nassau, (in what is now Germany) having travelled altogether about 500 miles in eighteen hours - a record that stood until 1907. [Oxford Dictionary of National Biography]. Germany did not exist as a nation at that time hence the song's reference to Holland. The balloon was renamed The Great Nassau again ascended from Vauxhall Gardens on 24 July 1837,

[Note 542.6] "Sleeves upon their gown like great 'tatoe sacks". Lampoons the ladies fashion for puffed sleeves. Below is Plate 1st. from Modern Oddities by P. Pry (W. Heath).
The Sleeves Curiously Cut. June 30, 1829.

[Note 542.7] The oldest London edition of Poor Richard's Almanac held by the British Library (printed by Saunders) is the almanac for 1836. The last three verses make references to proverbs in the almanac




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