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[Note 046.1] Page 125 of Whitmores Royal Brighton Guide 1826 names the steam packets Rapid and Eclipse. The Margate Steam Packet Company sold their vessel Eclipse to the General Steam Navigation Company in 1824 so this may be the same vessel. (See Bargery 618, Steam Packet)

[Note 046.2] "For by the safety-coach, Fam'd Brighton we'll approach":- It seems that there were three safety coaches running daily between London and Brighton. Chapters VII and VIII of Brighton and Its Coaches A History of the London and Brighton Road, With Some Account of the Provincial Coaches That Have Run from Brighton by William C. A. Blew imply that these coaches were designed to resist toppling over in the event of an accident. [Ref: A digital facsimilie of this book can be found at]

Below Page 131 of Whitmores Royal Brighton Guide 1826

[Note 046.3] "Nor was e'er thus scar'd before, Half so much when made a freemason":- A reference to the Freemasons rite of intitiation which is deliberately designed to over-awe the intitiate.

[Note 046.4] "I'll blow you up." :- To blow someone up is to tell them off or direct angry words at them.

[Note 046.5] "Such high caps-sun-burnt features,- Large cock'd hats--ear-rings long-":- Is probably a description of traditional Norman costumes.

The engraving of the woman was made in Caen in 1819 [Ref: Les Bijoux Des Francais]

The man is a member of a traditional dance group based in Caen [Ref:]

[Note 046.6] 'Life in London' might refer to the famous book of that name by Pierce Egan, published in 1823 so very current, which exposed the doings and misdoings of all classes of Londoner. Pepper Alley (an obscure turning by what is now Southwark Cathedral) and Norton Folgate (a poor self-governing place between the City and Shoreditch) may used here to represent in a generic way London low life. [Ref: Jerry White, Professor in history, University of London . Personal communication]

[Note 046.7] This is a reference to the proverb "If your born to be hanged then you'll never be drowned" According to the Oxford Dictionary of Proverbs; this phrase used to play down another person's apparent good luck

[Note 046.8] 

Page 125 of Whitmore's Royal Brighton Guide 1826 says that steam packets went to Dieppe three times per week from the Chain Pier. The Chain Pier was opened in 1824.

[Note 046.9] "Yes, yes, plenty of flats, my hearty, but we are sharp enough to take care of them":- This is pun on the use of "flat" to mean a gullible person

[Note 046.10] "I never knew a parson in my life, that did not take care of the tenth" :- May be a reference to the 10th Commandment “You shall not covet your neighbor’s house. You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, or his male or female servant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor.” [Exodus Chapter 20]


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