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[Note 359.1] Thomas D Rice's 'Jim Crow' persona was a racial caricature contrived to flatter belief in white superiority. In 1836 he popularized blackface entertainment with English audiences when he appeared in London, although he and his character were known there by reputation at least by 1833. ref:]
[Note 359.2] "de Greenwich Rail-road show" :- The line reached London Bridge on 14 December 1836. The first section, between Bermondsey and Deptford, having opened on 8 February 1836]

[Note 359.3] "And when I got to Tooley-street, O dear what sights were dere." :- In an attempt to prevent fighting between English and Irish navvies, separate camps were established. English Ground is still marked between Tooley Street and the river near London Bridge. Ref:]

[Note 359.4] "Nezt de Sherriffs in chay carts" :- Two Sherriffs supported the Lord Mayor in running the city. In1889 their jurisdiction was restricted to the City of London. Ref :]

[Note 359.5] "With bellies like a butt":- The officials of the City of London were frequently portrayed as fat and greedy

[Note 359.6] : "'Till a pensioner, to make a fire, Shov'd in his wooden leg" :- Presumably a Chelsea pensioner who had lost a leg during the French Wars

[Note 359.7] "Dis mayor was a funny chap, Dey call him Massa Kelly" Thomas Kelly was lord mayor of London in 1836.


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