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[Note 304.1] The Glasgow, Paisley and Greenock Railway was created to provide train services between Greenock and Glasgow and opened on 31 March 1841. The line connected with the steamers from Ireland. See for example Bar307~Paddy's Voyage to Glasgow

[Note 304.2] "A Gent sat there with curled hair" :- His hairstyle suggests the gent was a wealthy follwer of fashion. These gentlemen sport the curled hair and sideburns were the hieght of fashion in 1843

[Note 304.3] "Now to the harvest I will go," :- It was established prtactice for Irish farm workers to come to Scotland to work on the harvest.

[Note 304.4] "For never a one in county Clare, Ever saw or heard of a railway " :- The first railway line in Clare opened in 1887 [Ref:]


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