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[Note 292.1] "To Hibbert and Platts shop then I went" :- iron founders and maunfacurers of textile machinery est 1820.

[Note 292.2] "But then owd Neddy engine" :- donkey-engine, a small steam-engine.

[Note 292.3] "To make a scoldin' woman a new cast iron tongue":- This is the subject of bar417~Steam Tongue. Steam Tongue is a derivative of the Cork Leg and probably dates from 1835 or soon after. See derivative set ds001

[Note 292.4] I went to Barnes's next" :- Possibly Barnes of Farnworth established 1827 [Ref: Holden, Roger; Manufacturing the Cloth of the World. p55]

[Note 292.5] "For instead of hallelujah they blowed out gee wo dobbin" :- They might have been singing "Young Ralph the Waggoner" the chorus of which concludes "With a gee wo dobbin, heigh ge wo, gee wo dobbing gee wo" [National Library of Scotland shelfmark Crawford.EB.3802]

[Note 292.6]  Maybe the the Swan in Lees High Street or Black Swan in Bottom o'th Moor, Mumps

fuddling(1) fuddle; To have a drinking bout; to tipple, booze. [OED]
templets(1), Templet = contrivance for keeping cloth stretched to its proper width in the loom during the process of weaving
Cops(1) = small oval bundles of cotton thread which fitted into the shuttle
Slop(2) = slap, blow
Chops(1) = jaws, the side of the face [OED]
gobbin(1) = An unintelligent or uneducated person; a fool, an idiot [OED]
turned out(1) turnout/turnouts(1) = strike/strikers


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