Songs from the Age of Steam

od014 Steam Coaches

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Chronology:    Bargery Number | Main Themes:
1800-04   051 | Speed compared with horse-drawn vehicles
1805-19   | Risk of boiler explosions
1820-24 271 |  
1825-29 267; 624; 625 |  
1830-34 729 |  
1835-39 099; 542 |  
1840-44   |  
1845-49   |  
Uncertain  557 |  




At the beginning of the 19th century it was by no means obvious that the railway would become the dominant form of land transport. During the first quarter of the century several attempts were made to establish steam powered road vehicles. (See bar051 Camborne Hill). By 1825 the volume of road traffic was increasing, the condition of the roads was improving, the government had been investing in road building and the economic situation made alternatives to horse power attractive. The stage was set for the entry of the steam carriage as a commercial enterprise.


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