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1855-59   |  Dangers caused by long hours and overwork
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1865-69   |  
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1880-84  178 |  
1885-89 465 |  
1890-94 382 |  
1895-99   |  
1900-94  654 |  
Uncertain  681 |  


Historical Background:


Charing Cross Signal Box c1890.

The complexity of the railways and the volume of traffic put great strain on the signalmen. (See Cabman's Railway Yarn) In 1889, the Main A signal box at Waterloo comprised 209 levers. It was worked by 3 shifts each of 10 men.  A lever had to be pulled about every 15 seconds.

Signalman - along with the drivers - were widely regarded as heroes. When the long-hours dispute was raging in the 1880s - much of the public - even middle and upper classes were on their side.


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Signalman On The Line

bar382: Dates ----~1893|

Overworked signalman falls asleep and causes a crash

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I Stand and Watch the Trains Go Past

bar465: Dates ----~----|

A reflection on the hardships and dangers faced by railway workers.

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Danger Signal

bar074: Dates ----~1881|

Signalman dies at his post but leaves signal set at danger so averting disaster.

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In The Signal Box

bar178: Dates ----~1881|

A Signalman risks his son's life to save the passengers on a train.

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bar681: Dates ----~1896|

An divine intervention prevents a crash when a signalman falls asleep.

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Weary Signalman

bar654: Dates ----~1900|

A signalman complains of long hours. (Fragment)

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