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Bargery Number 225
Music Notation n/a
Music (Given or Suggested) Poem
Printer or Publisher Amalgamated Society of Railway Servants
Author Anonymous
Composer n/a
Earliest Date 1898
Evidence for Earliest Date The preamble states that the events referred to are recent
Latest Date 1898
Evidence for Latest Date Publication date
Source of Text Railway Review, 7th October 1898; p 1
Roud Not in the Roud Index
Parsed Title Shunting Pole Inspector
First Line It might have been for years,
Source of Music n/a
Variant Set No known variants

Shunting Pole Inspector


The Chesterfield section of L.D. & E.C.  employees  have recently had what a facetious correspondent terms " their first annual holiday." This doubtless welcome recreation did not, we are given to understand, take the form of the stereotyped excursion or seaside trip at the expense of the company, but was a veritable godsend of a week of rational work and no bullying, occasioned by the " shunting pole inspector " having had a week off ! [Note 225.2]

It might have been for years,
It ought have been for ever !
But, oh ! the bitter tears
A week did only sever !

And now he's back again
To fret, and fume, and flurry;
The wheels of every train
W ill groan for very worry !

All the staff is wailing ;
Even rails and wagons mourn;
Everything is quailing,
And everyone's forlorn.

But soon they will perfect
That machine and little slot, [Note 225.3]
"P.'s" pole will then direct
The work - 'P" will do the lot

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