Chronology:   Bargery Number Main Themes:
1830-39  348  
1860-69  326; 332;  
1870-79  694;  
1910-19 108,  
Uncertain 122; 465  


The Songs



Historical Background



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I Stand and Watch the Trains Go Past

bar465: Dates ----~----|

A reflection on the hardships and dangers faced by railway workers.

Fireman's Growl, The

bar122: Dates ----~1973|

A Fireman complains about the difficulties of his job.

Railway Guard, The

bar332: Dates ----~1866|

A guard deals with a fracas among the passengers.

Railway Truck

bar348: Dates 1838~1845|

Guard seduces a woman and marries her under threat of legal action.

Engine Driver's Story, A Thrilling...

bar108: Dates ----~1913|

A Driver goes mad at the controls and the fireman saves the day by killing him (Comic)

Behind Time

bar694: Dates 1862~1878|

A driver is killed and the Fireman takes over to drive the train

Rid of His Engine

bar683: Dates 1862~1878|

A Fireman's failure to see a signal set at red leads to a crash.

Jim Dally

bar688: Dates 1862~1878|

A Fireman tells the story of a driver who foresees his own death.

Blood on the Wheel

bar692: Dates 1862~1877|

A bride to be is killed by a locomotive driven by her prospective husband.

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