Chronology:    Bargery Number | Main Themes:
1830-34   | Quicker transport of farm produce to market
1835-39   | Benefits to the rural economy generally
1840-44   |  
1845-49 205; 458 |  
1850-54   |  
1855-59   |  
1860-64 473;  |  
1865-69 203;  |  
1870-74   |  
1875-80 148; |  
Uncertain   |  



The railways made it much easier for country folk to get both themselves and their produce into town.

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Halifax Thornton and Keighley Railway

bar148: Dates ----~1882|

Anticipates the benefits the railway will bring despite objections to its building

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Kendal Fair

bar205: Dates 1847~1850|

Describes  events at the fair and expects that people will use the railway to travel to the fair.

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Journey with the Railway from Pembroke...

bar203: Dates 1866~1870|

Looks forward to country dwellers being able to get easily to markets and visit cities. Translation from Welsh.

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Union Houses Must Come down and the...

bar458: Dates 1840~1852|

The worlds gone to the dogs. Includes verse accusing railways and steam power of causing hardship

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Western Railroad

bar473: Dates 1863~1863|

Welcomes the arrival of the railway and the benefits it will bring; and bids good riddance to the stage coaches.

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