Main Themes and Motifs

  • Wonder at the new technology
  • Anticipation of beneficial effects
  • Impact on road transport.


1830-39   099*; 141; 199; 273; 373; 542; 564
1840-49   349*; 480; 663
1850-59   302
1870-79   716

* The earliest and latest dates for this item extend across decades. See item more information.

Historical Background

The railway inspired a mixture of fear and excitement. People of all sorts were instantly aware of the benefits that the railway might bring but there was also widespread concern about safety.


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Pleasures Of Travelling By Steam

bar141a: Dates 1838~1840|

Anticipates the benefits of the railway

Newcastle & North Shields Railway

bar564a: Dates 1839~1839|

A sail maker laments the effect of the railway upon river boats.

Newcastle And Shields Railway

bar273a: Dates 1839~1839|

A Tyne river pilot anticipates the impact of steam boats and railways.

Johnny Green's Trip Fro' Owdhum To See...

bar199: Dates 1830~1842|

A weaver describes the railway - notes that it has depressed stage coach trade - but expects new railways to benefit weavers. [199Synopsis] 

My Grandfather's Days

bar542: Dates 1836~----|

A general complaint about political changes and new technology includes references to steam coaches and railways.

Oxford & Hampton Railway

bar302: Dates 1852~1854|

A celebration of the new railway and the people who went to see it.

Railway Whistle

bar349: Dates 1839~----|

Discomforts and dangers of railway travel

Wonderful Effects Of The Leicester Rail...

bar480: Dates 1840~1840|

Looks forward to being able to move people and goods quickly and celebrates the expected demise of the coaching trade.

Dublin Steam Coach

bar099b: Dates 1835~----|

A visitor to Dublin sees the first railway in Ireland and also the road steam coach Erin.

Newport Railway

bar716: Dates 1879~1879|

Celebrating the opening of the line across the Tay Bridge

Reply to Wordsworth

663a: Dates 1847~1847|

An engineer counters Wordsworth's objection to the railways

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