Train Crashes

Overview of the Songs and Poems in this Category:

While train crashes were commonplace before 1860, there are surprisingly few items on the subject. Most of these items describe real events but a few are fictional.

Main Themes and Motifs

- The suffering of the victims
- Sympathy for those bereaved


1860-69   094; 460; 678; 683
1890-99   485; 581
1900-09   086; 571

Historical Background

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Humble Heroes

bar571: Dates 1900~1900|

A poem celebrating the men and women memorialised by the Watts Memorial to Heroic Self-Sacrifice including a reference to railwaymen Walter Peart and Harry Dean.

Wreck Of The Manchester Express At...

bar485: Dates 1898~----|

Story of the crash.

Disaster at Elliot Junction 28th...

bar086: Dates 1906~1907|

Description of disaster.

Dreadful Accident to the Irish Mail ~...

bar094: Dates 1868~1868|

Irish Mail train crash at Abergele, Angelsey, August 1868

Gallant Twain, The

bar581: Dates 1898~1898|

Commemorates a driver and fireman who were killed in an accident while trying to save their passengers.

33 passengers burnt to death in the...

bar460: Dates 1868~1868|

Irish Mail train crash at Abergele, Anglesey, August 1868

Stood at Clear

bar678: Dates 1862~1877|

A Railway worker is killed following incorrect signalling

Rid of His Engine

bar683: Dates 1862~1878|

A Fireman's failure to see a signal set at red leads to a crash.

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