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Bargery Number 547
Music (Given or Suggested) No tune given but the broadside says that the song was "composed by C. Watts" so there may have been an original tune
Author Watts, C
Composer Watts, C
Performer Watts, C.
Earliest Date 1869
Evidence for Earliest Date Dixon was elected president of the National Education League, in 1869 and served on the Birmingham School Bard from 1870 so that may be the earliest date for the song.
Latest Date 1872
Evidence for Latest Date The song anticipates the inauguration of the tram service in Birmingham in 1872
Roud V44202
Source Title Just What We'd All Like to See

Just What We'd All Like to See

Oh! listen I pray, and hear what I say,
For it's neither a lark or a spree,
It's true on my word, that its nothing absurd,
But just what we'd all like to see,
I'd like for to see every man with some wealth
No matter how much it might be,
What a pleasure I'm sure, for to see no man poor
That's just what we'd all like to see.

No sorrow or woe, should none of us know,
How happy we all then would be,
No trouble or strife, as we journey through life,
That's just what we'd all like to see.

With masters and men there. Is now and then,
Things most unpleasant you know,
Their conduct I'm sure, is to hard too (sic) endure
For they try to keep workman so low,
Just put them on more equal terms with themselves
And see what a great change their'd (sic) be,
Those men that were sad would he joyous and glad,
That's just. what we'd all like to see,

On the Railways you know, now it's dangerous to go,
Such carelessness I'm sure is displayed,
For the men work such long hours, which them quite over powers,
Besides they are all badly paid,
Let them increase their servants and short'n their hours,
Less accidents l'm sure, their (sic) would be,
It would drive any fear - which as spread and near,
That's just what we'd all like to see.

There's another great cause, which has made many pause,
For to think what was best to be done,
Education the thing, in our ears it does ring;
George Dixon, great praise he has won,
If they'd give free education through our native land,
Less paupers and crime - their (sic) would be -
What a blessing I'm sure such a boon to the poor
That's just what we'd all like to see.

Now there's one mere event, on which I'll comment,
Before I finish up my song;
You'll open your eyes and look with surprise,
When the tramway you see before long,
It's a great undertaking I wish it success-
A good change from the past it will be.
For a small fare you know, a long journey you'll go,
They just what we'd all like to see.

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