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Bargery Number 070
Music (Given or Suggested) No tune given
Printer or Publisher Paul, J. and Co.
Author Anonymous
Earliest Date 1841
Evidence for Earliest Date Printer began production
Latest Date 1845
Evidence for Latest Date Printer ceased production
Source of Text Johnson Ballads 646
Where Printed London
Roud V6509 (1 record)
Parsed Title Cotton Spinners From Manchester
First Line We are cotton spinners by our trade
Variant Set No known variants
Comments on Song The source was printed in London implying that the spinners may have travelled a considerable distance in their efforts to raise funds. That suggestion is supported by an earlier fundraising ballad printed in Leicester in support of Frame-Knitters and sold on the streets of Sunderland in 1826 [Bodleian Johnson Ballads 2509] {Roud V8923}
Source Title Cotton Spinners From Manchester
Origin Broadside

The Northfleet

Dreadful Loss Of The Northfleet: A Loss Of 350 Lives, The

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A detailed description of the events aboard the sinking ship. 

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Complaint about the times mentioning the loss of the Northfleet and the railway accidents causued by long working hours.

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First line 'You have read of the wreck of the London, and the captain, too, as well'

Dreadful shipwreck of the Northfleet

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First line: 'The Good ship Northfleet at anchor lay'. Concentrates on the plight of a single child.

The Northfleet

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ns009Northfleet.pngThe Northfleet the day before she sailed
[Supplement to the Illustrated London...

Wreck of the Northfleet , The

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First line: "There's a sad disaster lately occurred". Concentrates on the fate of the Captain and his wife.

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