Public Concerns About Railway Safety

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Main Themes and Motifs

Dangers arising from long hours worked by railway servants
Concerns for the wellbeing of those working long hours


1870-79  476; 547*
1880-89  066
1890-99  081; 382

* The earliest and latest dates for this item extend across decades. See item more information.

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Signalman On The Line

bar382: Dates ----~1893|

Overworked signalman falls asleep and causes a crash

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Just What We'd All Like to See

bar547: Dates 1869~1872|

Complaint about modern times including reference to railway accidents casued by long working hours of staff.

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Safety Cord, The

bar066: Dates 1882~1882|

Satirising the ineffectiveness of procedures governing use of emergency cords

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Death and His Brother, Sleep

bar081: Dates 1890~1890|

A driver falls asleep at the controls after working excessive hours - inspired by a real accident.

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What I Saw in My Dream as I Slept in My...

bar476: Dates 1873~1873|

Complaint about the times mentioning the loss of the Northfleet and the railway accidents causued by long working hours.

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Sources (texts, music) & Publishing data

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