Chronology:    Bargery Number | Main Themes:
1830-39 299   Accidents suffered by individuals
1840-49 118;501 |  
1850-59   |  
1860-69   |  
1870-79 291*;687*;690*, 692*;693;694*;746*;747* |  
1880-89 565 |  
1890-99 580; 743 |  
1900-09   |  
1910-19   |  
Uncertain   |  
  The earliest and latest dates of the item span time periods. The item has been allocated to a time period by the curator. See the relevant item for detail.    

 The poetry of Alexander_Anderson¹ is a significant element here. bar291; 687; 690; 692; 693; 694; 746; and 747 are all his work.

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Laborare Est Ovare

bar580: Dates 1898~1898|

Eulogy for a footplate-man killed by a fall from the locomotive.

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Only a Pointsman

bar565: Dates 1887~1888|

Lines suggested by the death of  a pointsman killed by a passing train:-

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Thomas Port, Epitaph of

bar299: Dates ----~1838|

Epitaph of Thomas Port killed by a railway train in 1838

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First Break

bat747: Dates 1862~1878|

A mother's grief for a son killed by a locomotive.

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Behind Time

bar694: Dates 1862~1878|

A driver is killed and the Fireman takes over to drive the train

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Blood on the Wheel

bar692: Dates 1862~1877|

A bride to be is killed by a locomotive driven by her prospective husband.

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First Foot

bar746: Dates 1862~1877|

A woman recollects the death of her railwayman son, run down by a train.

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Death of John Thomas Hirst

bar743: Dates 1891~----|

A trainee driver killed when the engine explodes. [Fragment]

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No Songs sources etc data available.

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