History o' Haworth Railway

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A jocular history in dialect prose and verse.


On hearing this, the Haworth foalk
Began to think it wor no joak,
An' wisht' at greedy kaa ma' choak,
'At swallowed th' plan o'th railway.


The Author of this well-known, amusing, and celebrated pamphlet was born on the 22nd March, 1836, at a place midway between Keighley and Haworth, called Hoylus End in a simple cottage near the Whins Delf, at the terminus of the quaint old hamlet known as Hermit Hole, in the Parish of Bingley. He began early in life to write songs and uncouth rhymes, and even as a boy He wrote satires so caustic that they are remembered even to the present day.
However, the Haworth Railway cropped up, and this found him ample food for his pen; and as this is the Tenth Edition of the work it is clear that it is still in popular favour.


Before I commence mi short history o' Haworth Railway, it might be as weel to say a word or two abaat Haworth itseln. It's a city at's little nawn, if onny, in th' history o' Ingland, tho thare's no daat but it's as oud as Methuslam, if net ouder, yet wi'being built so far aat o' th' latitude o'civilised nashuns, nobody's scarcely nawn owt abaat it wal lately. Th' faanders of it is sed to be people fra th' Eastern countries, for they tuk fearful after em in Haworth i'th line o'soothsayers, magishuns, an'istralegers; but whether they cum fra th' East or th'West, thay luk oud fasun'd enuff. Nah th' city is situated in a vary romantic part o' Yorkshur, an'within two or three miles o'th boundary mark for th'next county. Sum foak sez it wur th' last place'at wur made, but it's a mistak, for it looks oud fashun'd enuff to be th' first 'at wur made. Gurt travellers sez it resembles th' cities o' Rome an' Edinburgh, for thare's a deal a up-hills afore yo can get tut top on't; but i'landing yo'd be struck wi wonder an'amazement-wat wi th' tall biggens, monnements, dooms, hampitheaters, and so on, for instance Church, or rather th' Cathedrall, is a famous biggen, an' stands majestekely o'th top o' th' hill. It hez been sed at it wur Olever Cramwell that wur struck wi'th' appearance o'th' Church an th' city, alltagether, wal he a mack a consented to have it th'hed-quarters for th' army an' navy.
Th' faander o'th' Church is sed to be one Wang be Wang, one o'th' Empros o' China as com ower in a balloon an browt wi' him all his relations but his grandmuther. Th' natives at that toime wur a mack a wild; but i' mixing up wi' th' balloonites thay soin becum civilized and bigd th' Church at's studden fra that toime to nah, wi'th' exepshun o' one end, destroyed at sum toime, sum sez it wur be war. Some sez West End an th' Saath End wur destroyed, but its a mack a settled on by th' wiseuns it wur witchcraft; but be it as it may, Haworth an th' foak a' together is as toff as paps, an hez stud aat weel, an no daht but it wod a flerished before Lundun, Parris, or Jerusalem, for centries back, if they hed a Railway, but after nearly all Grate Britten an' France had been furnished wi' a railway, th' people i' Haworth began to feel uneazy an' felt inclined no longer to wauk several miles to get to a stashun if they wur baan off like. An' besides, they thout it were high time to begin an' mak sum progress i' th' world, like their naburs i' th' valley. So they ajetated fer a line daan th' valley as far as Keighla, an'after abaat a hundred meettings they gat an Akt past for it i' Parliament. So at last a Cummittee wur formed, an' they met one neet o' purpose ta decide wen it wod be th' moast convenient for 'em ta dig th'first sod ta commemorate an' start th' gurt event. An' a bonny rumpus thur wur, yo' mind, for yo' ma' think ha it wur conducted when thay wur threapin' wi' one another like a lot a oud wimen at a parish pump, wen it sud be. One sed it mud tak place at rush-buren, another sed next muck-spreadin' toime, a third sed it mud be dug et gert wind day it memmery o' oud Jack K--- Well, noan et proposishuns wud do fur the lot, and there wur such opposishun wal it omust hung on a thre'ad whether th' railway went on or net, wal at last an oud farmer, one o'th' committee men, wi' a voice as hoarse as a farm yard dog, bawls aat, "I propoase Pancake Tuesday." So after a little more noise it wur propoased an' seconded et Grand Trunk Railway between th' respective taans of Keighla an' Haworth sud be commemorated wi' diggin' th' furst sod 'o Pancake Tuesday i'th' year o' our Lord 1864; an' bi th' show o' hands i'th'usual way it wur carried bi one, and that wur Ginger Jabus, an' th' tother cud a liked to a bowt him ower, but Jabus wornt to be bowt that time, for he hed his heart an'sowl i'th' muvment, an he went abaat singing-

Come all ye lads o' high renown
'At wishes well your native town,
Rowl up an' put your money down
And let us hev a Railway.

Wi' Keighla foak we are behind,
An's hed to wauk agin wur mind;
But soin th' crookt-legg'd ens thay will find
We'll keep em wi' a Railway.

Well, hasumever, public notice wur made nawn, bi th'bellman crying it all ower th' tawn, which he did to such a pitch wal he'd summat to do to keep his hat fra flying off, but he managed to do it at last to a nicety, for th' news spread like sparks aat of a bakehouse chimla; an' wen th' day come they flockt in fra all parts, sum o'th crookt-legg'd ens fra Keighla com, Lockertown and th'Owertown foak com, and oud bachelors fra Stanbury and all parts at continent o' Haworth; foak craaded in on all sides, even th' oud men an' wimen fra Wicken Crag an'th' Flappeters, an' strappin' foak they are yo mind, sum as fat as pigs, wi' heeads as red as carrits, an' nimble as a india-rubber bouncer taw; an' wat wur th' best on't it happened to be a fine day; or if it hed been made accordin' to orders it cudent a been finer. Shops wur all closed, an' everybody, oud an' young hed a haliday aat o'th' doors, for they were all flade o' missin' th' Grand Proceshun, which formed itseln at th' top o' Wuthren, when it wur messured it turned aat to be two miles six inches long-it moved as follows:-


Th' Spring heead Band wi' thair hat bruads turned up so as they mud se thair way clear,

Lord o'th' Manor i' full uniform a fut back bearin' th' Coat of Arms for Haworth a gert wild cratur wi' two tails on, one o' th' authur end.

Th' Members o'th'Corporashun one abreast, singin' "a nuttin' we will go, brave boys."

Big Drums an' Triangles.

A Mahogany Wheelbarro'an' a silver spade on a cart trail'd bi six donkeys, an' garded bi ten lazy policemen all sober.

A pair o' crakt bag-pipes.

Th' Contractor in a sedan carried bi two waggoners i' white smocks.

All th' young maidens fra fowerteen to thirty-nine, six abreast drest i' sky blue, an' singin' throo combs.

Twenty oud wimen nittin'stockings.

Twenty navvies i' thair shirt sleeves wheelin' barrows wi work tools in.

Taan skavengers wi'shouldered besums decorated wi' ribbons.

Bellman an' Pinder arm i'arm drest i' full uniform, an' th'latter na an then bawlin' aat waats baan to tak place.

All scholars in th' female line lakin' at duck under water kit, an' th'males lakin' a frog-loup, an jumpin' o' one another's backs.

Taan chimla sweeps mounted o'donkeys wi' thair face white.

All th' furiners fra th' continent o' Haworth, and crookt legg'd en fra Keighla followed up.

Bulk o'th' inhabitants waukin' one abreast, wi' hats off an'singin' as follows:-

Gather fra Stanbury lads wi' yor carrot heds,
Come daan fra Lockertaan lads bi thi' railway;
Come wi' yor wives, yor dowters, an' relatives,
Shout, lads, shout for the Worth Valley Railway.
Railway, railway.

Cum an' hear Oufield mak his oration,
Yo'll say in yor conshunce he spack it rait fairly,
He'll say 'at poor Haworth never yet hed fairashun,
But he'll speak of the thing that will flurish it rarely.
Railway, &c.
Saw ye Ike Ouden wi' his mehogany wheelbarrow,

Cum dig the furst sod wi' his spade o' silver,
He wheel'd it daan th' plank as strayt as a arrow,
An' tipt it as weel as a navvy or delver.
Railway, &c.

Saw yo the church so anshunt in history,
Read yo the Latin words high in the steeple,
Hear yo the sounds that arose from the belfry,
It seem'd to be shaating along wi' the people.
Railway, &c.

Th' Railway wur i' iverybody's maath, wat wi singin' an' shaatin', them 'at cud do northur wisper'd in one anuther's ears-Railway. But gettin' to whear th'ceremuny wur to tak place, th' proceshun halted an'formed itseln into a raand ring, an' cheers wur geen wi' shakin' hats an' handkerchiefs, which lasted wal thair showders an' arms warked wal they'd hardly strength to shut thair maaths an' don thair hats on. But hasumever they managed to get reight agean, an' then a parson call'd Ned Oufield gat up an'made th' following narashun-
Fellow countrymen an' citizens o' Haworth, it gives me gurt plezzure to see such a gurt event as this tak place i'th' city o' Haworth, namely, diggin'th' first sod o' wat's call'd Grand Trunk Line between Keighla an' your native element, an'reight pleased I am to offishiate as chairman on this occashun. Prehaps sum on you maint naw wat I mean wi'yer native element; but I mean yer oud mountain side, ha naw yo like yer forefathers, yo love it dearly tho yer ancestors wur nowt but barbarians in th' fourth and fifth centries, yet thay wur th'first to embrace christianity, which thay did in th' year 600 be th' Latin inscripshuns on th' church steeple (loud cheers). And although yo been behind wi' yor Railway, ye been up i' different arts an' sciences. Wot nashun my friends can boast of a majishun like yor owd Jack K---? (Loud Cheers). He wor a credit to yo' all, an yo' wur sadly indetted to him; he proffesied twenty year sin 'at this event wod cum to pass (a voice-ha wish he wur alive he sud be contractor), an' if h'ed been livin' to this day its a hundred to one but th' Railwaw wud hev been made to sum weere else ner Keighla, for ha feel convinced et Keighla is not worthy of amalgamashun wi' a rispectable city like Haworth. (Hear, hear.) For look wat insulting langwidj they've used to yo at different times. (Groans.) First, they sed yo mucked church to mak it grow bigger. Then yo walk'd raand taans post office at Keighla an' thout it wur th' cemetery, an' to mak up for th' lot, they call us wild craturs an'mock wur pleasant dialect, wich is better English ner thairs. (Groans, which lasted for ten minits.) Yes, my fella citizens, yo've hed to put up wi' a deal o' slang fra theas uncultivated rascals. (We have.) An' wats wur case nur all, you've hed to wauk, wet and dry, thro' thick an' thin, i' all sorts o' weather, to Keighla, wen you've wanted to go on th' continent or to London. But soin yo can wauk slap to th' train in a jiffey. (Loud cheers.) Mr. Oufield then thenkt his fella taansmen an' wimen an' ended his speech wi' expressin' his delight in th' loyalty o'th' people for th'railway, an' as th' time wur fast waxin' he begg'd leave to sit daan, which he did i'th'midst o' laad enthusiastic shaatin'.
This bein' done, an' iverybody gotten thair maaths shut agean, Ike Ouden gat up an' made a speech, an a grand en it wur yo mind, for if th' arkangel 'ad dropt strayt daan fra heven an' let o'th top o'th platform, it cudn't a suited th' foak better, for he began as follows:-
Fella citizens an' taansmen o' Haworth, wen I see before me so many smilin' faces an' so many distingwisht citizens, I awn I felt a pang as to my unfitness for appearin' afore yo on this occashun; but yor cummittee wor so urgent in thair appeal to me that I wur certainly induced to akcept th' honor o diggin' th' first sod o'th' Grand Trunk Railway, which will be th'gratest blessin' 'at iver will be i'Haworth. But yet it's nut for me to say wat is kalkulated or unkalkulated for th' people o' Haworth to do i' th' 19th centry, yet I may ventur to say'at this glorious moovement na baan to tak p. 5place will shortly prove th' greatest blessin' iver witness in't city o' Haworth (Loud applause). Look at th' export an' import of th' city, an'compare th' spaven'd horse an' cart wi'th' puffin willyhams an' all th' fine carriages. Look at th' difference between wen it tuk a week to go to Liverpool an' a month to London in a oud coach, an' hev to mak wur wills afore we went. (Enthusiastic cheering.) Yes, my friends, we stood good chance o' bein' robb'd an' plundered if net summat war. Besides, wat an immense diff'rence it will mak to Haworth, wen shoo can export her awn manufacturs to all th' civilised an' uncivilised world, an' by means o' steam find thair way into rejuns niver trod but bi feet o' wild craturs an' beasts o' prey. But to makt story short ah mean to say it will be a grate comfort an' a blessing to both th' lame an' lazey, an' speshally to th' latter. But as th'time wur gettin' on fastish, as it ollus does wen thare's owt to be done, so Mr. Ouden finisht his speech as follows:-

Put yor shoulders to work an' ne'er be danted,
Think yer behint an' there's no time to dally,
For na is the time yor assistance is wanted
I' makkin yor railway along the Worth Valley.

Th' Spring-head Band then played sum o' thair favorite tunes, 'Oud Rosen the bow,' 'Jessey's Pig,' an' ended wi' 'God save th' Queen,' an' all departed to thair homes wi' smiling faces.


Double, double, toil an' trouble.

Nah then lads for wark, nowt but wark'll do, an'theas 'at can't wark mun plan. This wur th' cry all up an daan Haworth next morning, an' for weeks all wor vary bizzy. One man made a wheelbarra it'h chamber, but it wor soa big wal it cudn't be gotten aat withaat takkin th' haase side daan. Anuther invented a koulin' machine to koul th' muck up both sides to save wheelbarras an' work toils for th' navvies. Some started a practicin' for porters a th' railway, wi' oppenin' an'shuttin' th' oven doors wi' a bang, shaatin' aat a'th' same time 'All aat for Haworth.' One man wur trying th' dodge on, an' th' cat wur i'th' ovan, an'poor thing expectin' 'at it wur i'th'wrong place jumpt aat just at th' time 'at he wur wistling to start, an' wur catcht bi th' tail an' th' poor thing lost it, for it wur cut off as clean as a wistle. A crookt legg'd pedl'r come fra Keighla one day wi' winter edges, an' thay tuk him for a sapper an' miner 'at hed com to mezhur for th' railway, an' mind yo they did mak sammat on him, thay thout 'at th' winter edges wur th' apparatus to mezhur by. But hasumever th' reightens cum at after, an' a sore disaster thay hed yo mind, for thay laid plan o'th' railway daan at green swarth an' a oud kaa belangin' to Blue Beard swallow'd th' job, thay tried to save 'em but all i' vain; a sor do wur this for both folk an' th' railway, for it put em a year or two back an' foak wur ragin' mad abaat th' kaa, an' if it hedn't a been a wizen'd oud thing thay'd a swallow'd it alive-th' nasty, greedy oud kaa.

Thay hed a meeting th' tother neet,
Fair o'th' top o' wuthering street,
To see what things thay'd got complete,
Concerning Haworth railway.

Wen Penny Wabbac tuk the chair,
He lukt to be i' grate despair,
He sez, good foak, are yo' aware,
Wat's happened to the railway?

Wi' persperashun on his bra,
He sez, good foaks, I'll tell yo' nah;
Oud Blue Beard's nasty wizen'd kaa
Hez swallow'd plan o'th' railway.

Wi' theas remarks poor Wabbac sat,
Wen Jonny Broth doft off his hat,
His een they blazed like some wild cat
Wi' vengence for the railway.

He sed, mi blud begins to boil,
To think 'at we sud work and toil,
And even th' cattle cannot thoyle
To let us hev a railway.

On hearing this the Haworth foak
Began to think it wur no joak,
An wisht 'at greedy kaa ma choak
'At swallow'd plan o' th' railway.

But hasumiver thay gat ower this, an' wur net long at after afore they hed more disasters, such as tunnils shutterin', and chapels sinkin', and law suits, an' so an, wal Haworthers thout bet hart at both th'foak an' th' grund wur soft daan at Keighla, an' thretten'd to coam sum o'th' crookt legg'd ens thair heads if they insinuated; an'th' Volunteers thretten'd to tak thair part if thair wur owt to do; an' farther ner that, they vowed 'at they wur ready to go to war wi' onny nashun that sud insult awther them or th' railway under the present difficulties.

For sighs an' tears an' doubts an' fears
Prevails with greatest folly,
For th' sinagog hez cockt its clog,
An' th' parson's melancholy.

Tunnils sink an' navvies drink,
An' chapels are upsetting;
For railway shares nobody cares,
An' iverybody's fretting.

The iron horse they curse of course,
An' fane wud it abondon,
An' loyer' fees thair pockets ease,
A thousand pounds i' Londen.

Misfortunes speed as rank as weed,
An' puts on such a damper,
Wal th' foaks declare i' great despair,
It's up wi' th' iron tramper.

The Volunteers prick up thair ears,
An' mack a famos rattle;
They want to run to Wimbledon,
Or onny field o' battle.

Thair black cravats an' toppen'd hats
Are causin' grate attraction;
'Gainst Bonepart they want to start,
I' regular fightin' action.

The raw recuits hev got thair suits,
Thay brag to one another,
To th' first campaign thay'l tak th' train
Without the slightest bother.

But hasumiver, it's gotten to th' last stage na, an' foak is very impashent for it to come up, an'thay are preparin' to give it a grand recepshun; one oud woman hes a peggy tub full o' meal an' saar swillings for th' ingen, an' thay are preparin for th'passengers fra Keighla.

Thayr standin' i' groups an'livin' i' hopes,
An' more disappointments thay dread,
Wi' thayr ears touchin' th' graand, thay've harkened for th' saand,
Wal thay've omust gone wrong i' thair head.

Sez Dick o' Grate Beckers, just keep up yor peckers,
Yo' hevn't much longer to wait,
For blue milk an' porridge, yo'll get better forridge,
Wen th' railway gets fairly agait.

For it's labour i' vain to harken for th' train
Wen all's goin' on varry steady;
So pray yo be calm, its takkin no harm,
Thay'll bring it as soin as it's ready.

For th' rails are all laid, an'thair's nowt to be made,
Nobbut th' navvies to clear off all th'muck;
Then all 'll be going, for the Cowinhead mooin
Is baan to be browt on a truck.

So Sham o' Blue Bills, wi' thi pints and thi gills,
It's baan to be better for thee,
To Keighla an' back tha ma go in a crack,
Wen tha's baan on a bit of a spree.

An' John o' Pot Anns, tha mun alter thi plans,
For tha niver can get 'em i' force;
For I'm happy to tell at astead o'th' canal
They're baan to try th' big iron horse.

Thare's oud Jim o' Tyas is baan to be wise,
An' th' foak sez at he's takkin a hig;
He'll see it first tried afore he will ride,
He's daan abaat th' paper mill brig.

He sez he'll be sure, it dropt in before,
An' it might do again for a pinch;
For he sez they'll be kapt if some on ems trapt,
So he's blest if he'll trust it an inch.

Thare's oud Mally Brook hez been daan to look,
An' shoo's sore disappointed thay say;
Shoo's omost gone crakt for shoo says it weant act,
For they nobbut can run it one way.

Shoo sez at high class at's laid daan all th' brass,
Just na they're beginning to craw;
To mak up for th' trouble they're baan to charge double,
For bad spekulashun it law.

So to settle em daan, Sir Christopher Braan
Hez tould 'em it wur his intent,
If thay'd nobbut be quiet till things wur all reight,
He'd give them a trip to Chow Bent.

Yes, and besides a trip to Chow Bent, they gat several more trips promised bi th' diffrent distingwisht citizens o' Haworth. One man promised to give 'em a trip to Bullock's Smithy, anuther to Tinsley Bongs, wal thay wur gettin' quite up o' thersels an' th'railway. Or else thay'd been for many a year an' cudn't sleep a wink at neet for dreamin'abaat th' railway ingens, boilers, an' so on, an' mony a time thay've waken'd i' ther sleep shakkin' th' bed post, thinkin' thay wur settin' th' ingen on or stoppin' it. But thay'd gotten reight an' thout thay wur baan to hev no more trouble; but alas, it wur a mistak, for th'mornin' of th' 14th o' November an oud skyologer went aat a weather-gazin' an' planet-rulin, an' woful news an' bad omens he browt back wi him, for he sed at th'

Stars wur shoiting in an' aat,
An' gravel ratches wur abaat,
An' th' folk, he sed thay little knew
Wat mischief it began to brew.
An' news he spread abaat the taan
Wat lots o' rain wud tumble daan
An' like his anshent sires he spoke
The shockin news withaat a joak.

For soin the rain i' torrent fell,
And o what awful news to tell,
It lookt as claads wur baan to shutter,
For every dyke, an' ditch, an' gutter,
A regeler deluge did resemble.
Which made the Haworth folk to tremble.
Sum tried to stop its course wi' stones,
An' sum dropt on their marrow bones,
An' hoped that if the world wur draaned,
The railway wud be saafe an' saand.

But prayers like theas hed no avail,
For th' waters deluged all the vale;
An' th' latest news 'at I heerd
Th' railway's nearly disappear'd;
But if it's fun withaat a flaw,
Wha, folks, I'm like to let you know.


"Work, Boys, and be Contented."

Ha, it's all varry weel for th' poit to sing that, but if he hed a railway at stake he wud happen alter his tune, an' espeshully if he wur an eye witness nah, for th'storm wur ragin' at th' heyest, an' th'folks wur waiting wi' pashent expectashun to know whether it wur baan to be at an end or nut, for th' flooid wur cumin' daan thicker an faster, an' thare look'd to be monny hundred mile o' watter in th'valley. Hawsumever thay muster'd all th' energy thay could, for thay wur determined to know th' worst, so thay went to see if thay could find th' oud weather-gazer, at hed proffesied th' flooid; an' after a good deal o' runnin' abaat, thay fan him peepin' throo summat at shap of a tunnil, sum sed he wur lookin' at mooin, others sed he wur lookin' into futurity, hawsumever thay axt him to cum daan an' look at th' railway, an' tell 'em whether th' flooid wur baan to tak it away or not, but th' saucy oud haand refused at first, for he sed at he wur flaid at sum on em wodn't be able to stand th' shock if he tell'd em th' warst, so the oud lad sed,

If my advice yo want, poor things,
An' cannot do withaat it,
Go arm yorseln to th' teeth, he sed,
An' doant be long abaat it;
Both rakes an' powls an' props an' ropes
Yo cannot get ta sooin,
An' take the Cowinheaders' plan
When thay discovered th' mooin.
Doant gape abaat, but when arm'd
Tak each a different rowt,
An' let yor cry be ivery man,
Th' poor railway's up the spout.

It wurnt long afore thay gat arm'd-sum wi'clothes props, muk forks, ropes an' so on, an' thare wur sum competition yo mind, for thay wur all tryin wich cud mak best movement so as thay cud immortalise thair names it th' history of Haworth, for thare wur wun Joe Hobb, a handloom weaver, browt his slay boards, and as he wur goin'daan th' hill he did mak sum manœvures yo mind, for talk abaat fugal men i' th' army wen thay throw thair guns up into th' air an' catches em agean, thay wur nowt ta Joe, for he span his slay boards up an' daan just like a shuttlecock. But wal this wur goin' on th' storm began to abate, and th' water seemed to get less, but still thay kept at it. Wal at last a chap at thay called Dave Twirler shaated aat at he saw summat, and thay look't way at he pointed, and thare behold it wur won o'th' ribs o'th' railway stickin'up, here a dead silence tuk place which lasted for abaat three haars, for nobody durst oppen thair maath, flaid at th'wind wud mak th' current stronger, an' sum o'th' wimmen held thair tungs to that pain and misery wal thair stockings fell down ower thair clog tops; but hasumever th' silence wur brokken by a Haworth Parish chap 'at they call Bob Gimlet, he happen'd to be thare an' he said, na lads, look daan th' valley, for I think I see th' skeleton at ony rate, an' Bob wur reight, for it wur as plain to be seen as an elephant in a shop winder.

An' this wur a fact, it wur th'railway thay saw,
An' at th' first o'th' spectre thay all stood in awe,
For it wur smashed all i' pieces ashamed to be seen
As tho it hed passed throo a sausidge masheen,
Wi' horror sum fainted while others took fits,
An' theas 'at cud stand it wir piking up th'bits.

But after a while when thay all becum calm,
Thay gathered together like bees in a swarm,
Resolved to pick up all th' fragments an' th'wood,
An' splice 'em together as weel as thay cud,
Hasumever thay started a putting it streight,
An' wi spelking and braying thay soin made it reight.

Six months nah elapsed, an' th'gert job wur done,
An' th' next thing to argue wur wen it sud run;
So thay sent Joe a Stirks araand wi his bell,
An' gave him strict orders at he wur to tell
At th' inspector hed been an' examined it throo,
An' cum to th' conclusion at th' railway wud do.

So to wark wi' a vengeance, the bellman set to
To warn up a meeting at th' Black Bull,
It wod a dun yo all good to hear Joey shaat,
For thay heard him distinctly for miles all abaat,
For i' less ner ten minits, thay flockt so fast,
While Jonny Broth's horses thay cudnt get past.

So thay framed on wi' th' meeting an' th' chairman spak first,
An' tell'd 'em at th' railway wur finish'd at last,
An' declared at th' inspector hed passed when he cum
Both viaducts an' bridges as saand as a plum;
As for sinkin' agean thay wud do nowt o'th'sort,
For thay sailed throo th' arches i' Marriner Boat.

So he hoped i' this meeting thay all wud agree,
An' settle when th' oppening o'th'railway sud be,
He thout for his part tho he nobbut wur one,
At first day o' April wur t' fittest to run,
Wen a voice sed, sit daan or I'll pelt thee wi spoils,
Duz ta think at wur baan to be April foils?

Then up on to th' platform jump'd Red Dicky Brook,
Along wi his uncle, Black Tom at Dyke Nook,
Determined to sattle an' bring things araand,
As th' railway wur finished, both proper an'saand;
So thay pitched on a day, it wur April the fourth,
To oppen th' grand railway fra Lundon to Haworth.

It wur carried as usual, bi th'showin' o' hands,
Amidst great rejoicin' an playin' o' bands,
Both oud men an' wimen had a smile on thair face,
For all wur dead certain it wur baan to tak' place,
So thay fled to thair homes like bees to a hive,
Impashent an' ankshus for th' day to arrive.

Hasumever th' day at wur menshun'd before,
An' folk wur all flockin' fro maantan an'th' moor,
An' little thay thout wen thay set off that morn,
Another disaster wud laff 'em to scorn,
For Joe Stick wur sent out to tell 'em to stop
For poor Haworth Railway hed gotten i' pop.

Na this wur a damper an' th'biggest i'th' lot,
An th' folks thay declared it wur Keighla plot,
But one Jack o' Ludges sed he'd stop 'em thair prate,
He'a learn 'em i' Keighla to insinuate,
Thay'st hev no excurshuns for nowt but thair lip,
And Shipla an' Bradford shud hev the first trip.

He sed he'd been quiet, but he'd na interfere,
He'd wauk up to Derby an tell 'em up thear,
Ha thay hed been skitted sin first they begun,
An' na wen th' wur finished thay wurn't to run;
But ha he went on I never did hear,
But one thing I'm certain he must a been thear.

For th' tenth day of April bills wur put aat,
That th' railway wud oppen whithaat any daat,
An' a famous excurshun fra Bradford wod run,
An call at all th' stashuns wi th' excepshun o'won,
For nowt aat o' Keighla to Haworth sud ride,
For that day all tha' luggage wur left o' won side.

Scarce Keighla crookt legg'd ens hed heard o' the news
An' wur just baan to give 'em the greatest abuse,
Wen a order cum aat fra sum unknawn scource,
That Keighla crookt legg'd ens cud go up of course,
Thay thout it wur best, an' wud cause the least bother,
For one sud be welcum as weel as another.

Hasumever thare hopes hes not been i'vain,
For th' day's arrived an' yonder's train,
An' thaasands o' folks are flocking to th'spot,
Th' gent fra his hall, th' peasant fra his cot,
For all are determined as th' weather is fine,
To hev an excurshun up th' Worth Valley Line.

They land up i' Haworth, an' sports'at is seen,
Wur niver yet equalled it reign o' the Queen.
Such processions wi music yo never saw th' like,
Thay wur bands fra all nashuns excepting Black Dyke,
An' Sham o' Blue Bells sed he'd kick up a shine,
For na they hed oppen'd the Worth Valley Line.

Thare wur Jim o'th' Damems, an' Will o'th' Gooise Coit,
An' th' lads at wur in that puddin exploit,
Thare wur Ned daan fra Oakworth, an' Ike fra Loin-ends,
Along wi thair aristocratical friends,
They repaired to Black Bull, of saand puddin' to dine,
That day at thay oppen'd th' Worth Valley Line.

I' all nooks an' corners an'chimla tops,
Wur floatin' gert banners wi mighty big props,
An' stampt on each flag in figurs so nice,
Sum an inscripshun an' sum a device;
But th' nicest i'th' lump at swung on a band
Wur, welcum to Haworth fra ivery land.

Yor welcum, yor welcum, all men upon earth,
Yor welcum to the Valley of Worth,
Fra th' Humber to th' Mersey, fra th' Thames daan to th' Tyne,
Yor welcum to travel the Worth Valley Line.



"The last Scene of all that ends this strange, eventful history."

Fra th' Corrispondant o'th' Hoylus End Mercury.

Good folks, you've inkwired at home and abroad,
Ha we're gettin' on wi wur famous railroad;
And wen I've tell'd yo th' disasters we've hed,
Yo've greev'd monny a time wal yo've tain to yor bed,
But ha yo will gape wen yo read farther daan,
Wat famons big stirrins we've hed up i'th'taan.

I know yo'd be mad as soin as yo heard,
Abaat that oud kaa at belonged to Blue Beard,
For I like as I saw yo just hod of its tail,
And braying it rump wi th' end o' yor flail;
For I wisht monny a time at yo'd been here,
For swallowing th' plan yo'd a geen it wat cheer.

Ha iver, good folk, I'll try to be breef,
For I know yo're i' pain and I'll give yo releef-
So to tell yo the truth in a plain honest way,
Th' railroad is finish'd an oppen'd to-day;
An' I've tain up mi pen, for ill yo'd a tain't
If I hedn't a geen yo a truthful ackaant.

Hasumever, this morning as I tell'd yo before,
I wur wakken'd wi hearin a awful uproar,
Wat wi th' prating o' women an' shaating o'th' folk,
An' th' bells 'at wur ringin, it wur past ony joke,
For ivery two minits thay shaated huray,
We are na baan to oppen th' Haworth Railway.

So I jump'd up i' bed, an' I gat on the floor,
I slipt on mi cloas an' ran aat door,
An' th' first at I met, it wur one Jimmy Peg,
He'd cum'd up fra Bockin an brout a gert fleg,
An' just at his heels wur th' Spring-headed band,
Playing a march-I thout it wur grand.

So I fell into th' step for I knaw how to march,
For I've been stiffen'd up wi' guvernment starch;
An' first smell o' music it makes me fair dance
An' I prick us mi ears like a trooper his lance,
Hasumever, I thout as I'd gotten the scent,
I'd follow this music wharever it went.

Then I march'd up erect, wal I cum to th' grand stand,
An' that wur at th' stashun whare th' train hed to land
Thare wur flags of all nations, fra th' Union Jack
To Bacchus an' Atlas wi' th' globe on his back,
For th' Inspector and Conductor, and all sorls o'fray,
Wur expected directly to land at th' railway.

So I stared until both een wur varry near bleared,
An' waited an' waited-at last it appeared,
It wur filled full o' folk as eggs full o' meat,
An' it tuk four engines to bring it up reight,
Two hed long chimlas an' tuther hed noan,
But thay stuck weel together like a dog to a boan.

They wur gruntin' an'growlin' wur th' folk at gat aat,
So I made sum inquiries wat it wur abaat;
For i' all mi born days I ne'er heard nowt so called,
For three or four times thay sed it hed stall'd
Wal sum o'th' crookt-legg'd ens bethout of a scheam,
An' thay went back to Keighla for a hamper o'steam.

An' my word an' honner, it did mak a gert din,
For I stud by and heard it an' saw it cum in;
I expected it cummin as quiet as a lamb,
But no daat a'th' noises wur nobbut a sham;
But wat's th' use o' tellin yo ha it did cum,
I'd forgotten yo'd ridden to Wibsey begum.

Thare wur fifty i' number invited to dine,
All us at hed acted reight loyal to th' line;
Sa I thout that I'd go, for I knew weel enuff
'At th' puddings this time wud be made o'th' reight stuff
And noan o' that stuffment that gav th' Keighla band,
Toan awf on it rubbish and tother awf sand.

For twelve stone o' flour (3lbs. to a man)
Wur boiled i' oud Bingleechin's kaa lickin pan,
Wi gert lumps o' sewet at th' cook hed put in't,
At shane like a ginney just new aat o'th' mint;
Wi nives made a purpos to cut it i' rowls,
An' th' sauce wur i' buckets, an mighty big bowls.

They wur chattin an' tawkin an'sucking ther spice,
An' crackin at dainties thay thout 'at wur nice,
Wal th' oud parson gat up and pulled a long face,
An' mutter'd sum words 'at thay call sayin' th' grace,
But I niver goam'd that, cos I knew for a fact
It wur nobbut a signal for th' puddin attack.

And I'll tell yo wat, folk, tho yo maint beleeve,
But yo tawk abaat Wibsey folk heytin horse beef,
Yo sud a seen Locker taaners brandishin' thair nives,
An' choppin and cuttin thair wallopin shives,
An' all on em shaating thay liked th' puddin th' best,
For nowt wur like th' puddin for standin the test.

And while thay wur cuttin an' choppin away,
The gallant Spring-headers wur order'd to play,
But thay didn't much like it for every one
Wur flaid at thay'd play wal th' puddin wur done;
But as luck wur they ticed em, wi a gert deal to do,
To play Roger the plowman and Rozzen the Bow.

Hasumiver thay played an' thay drummed up agean,
An' th' drummer he struck wi his might and his mane,
An' I'm like to confess I wur niver war flaid,
For thay put such a stress on to all 'at thay played,
But I kept mysel quiet, cos I knew't wur a sin,
To stop such grand music, if th' roof tumbled in.

Ike Ouden wur chairman at com to preside,
An' Will Thompson o' Guiseley wur set by his side;
Na Will's a director o'th' Midland line,
An' as dacent a chap as sat daan ta dine,
Along wi Jim Sugden at held the vice chair,
Wur one Billy Brayshaw, Bradford Lord Mayor.

Thare wur Jonathan Craven, Mic Morrell and me,
And a lot more lads at wur on fur a spree;
Thare wur Nedwin o' George's and Pete Featherstone,
They sat side by side like Darby and Joan!
An' I hardly can tell yo, but yor noan to a shade,
But I knaw thay wur Ingham and little Jack Wade.

Na th' dinner bein ower thay shifted all th' tins,
Then th' chairman stud up like a man on his pins,
And proposin' a bumper to England's gooid Queen,
He telled what a kind-hearted monark shoo'd been,
At shoo'd trained up her family in her own loyal way,
'At th' Crown Prince wur th' best rider i' Haworth to-day.

Th' toast it being honnered, then the chairman went on,
And tell'd wat gert wonders oud England hed dun;
As for invading armies shoo'd nothing to fear
As long as th' bold 42nd wur thear,
But he'd leave that aside, for he'd summat to say
Abaat his attachment to Haworth Railway,

So, he says, be silent all th' folk i' this hall,
So, as any one on yo can hear a pin fall,
And John o' Bill Olders, just shut up thi prate,
For I've summat to say an I mun let it aat;
For I mun hev silence whatever betide,
Or I'll cum aat o'th' loom and sum on ya hide.

Three years hes elapsed an' we're going on th' fourth,
Sin we first started th' railway fra Keighley to Haworth;
Wat wi dreamin' by neet an' workin' by day,
It's been to poor Haworth a dearish railway,
An' monny a time I've been aat a patience,
Wi th' host o' misfortunes and miscalculations.

Th' first do at we hed wur th' kaa swallowing th' plan,
An'd then wur bad luck an' misfortunes began;
For before Ginger Jabus cud draw us anuther,
All went on wrong an' we'd a gert deal o'bother;
He must ha' been dreamin, a silly oud claan,
For three fields o' Doodle's he never put daan.

But Jack Metcauf put up wi' that for he sed he'd allah
'At th' misfortune wur caused wi th' greedy oud kaa;
So be set all his navvies agate in a hig,
An' thay upset a chapel at th' Paper Mill Brig;
Na th' folk dropp'd thair lugs an wur daan o'th' Railway,
But we gat ower that bit wi' hevin' to pay.

Nah Ike finished off in his dashin' oud way,
An' th' folk wur all shaatin', hear, hear! and hurra,
For heigher and heigher the band it wur playin',
An' nobody cud hear a word thay wur sayin',
For th' clappin' an' shaatin' it lasted awhile,
For I clapped wal mi hands wur as sore as a bile.

Nah, I'll tell yo wat, folk, yo tawk abaat storms,
An' thunner an' leetning, an' dreadful alarms,
But th' applause thare wur wen he'd dun,
Thare wur niver nowt heard like it under th' sun,
For wat wi laad music, huraaing an' cheers,
Th' folk wur so suited thay gaaped at both ears.

As for thee, Jonny Broth, it's a pity I knaw
For thart one o'th' best drivers at iver I saw,
An' nobody can grumble at wat tha hes dun,
If this bus driven wearisome race it is run;
For who cud grumble ha fine wur thur cloth,
To ride up to Haworth wi' oud Jonny Broth.

So Jonny, mi lad, don't thee mak onny fuss,
I' shutting thi horses, or sellin' thi Bus;
For if th' railway hes dun thee, thare's one thing I knaw
Tha mud mak o'th' oud Bus a stunnin' peep show,
An' if I meet thee at Lunden, tho two hundred miles,
I sall patronise thee if it be in St. Giles.

An' if any one else hes a complaint to mak,
Doant let em say it behint yor back,
But cum up to th' front an' dunnot be flaid,
If he's owt aat o' pockets I'll see at he's paid;
For all theas small trubbles I want to decide,
An' them at's been wrong'd to be satisfied.

For all native exiles are welcum once more
To cum back agean to thair awn native shore;
Even theas at hed hookt it an' left it i'th'lurk,
An' wur flaid at they'd awet if thay happened to work,
Can cum back agean to thair awn native place,
If thay think thay can fashion to show up thair face.

So strike up yor music an' give it sum maath,
An' welcum all nashuns fra north to th' saath;
Th' black fra th' east, an' th' red fra th' west,
For thay sud be welcum as weel as th' rest,
An' all beyond th' Tiber, th' Baltic, or Rhine,
Shall knaw at we've oppen'd th' Worth Valley Line.






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[: [Note 052.1] note-0
[: [Note 052.2] note-0
[: [Note 052.3] note-0
[: [Note 054.1] note-0
[: [Note 054.10] note-0
[: [Note 054.11] note-0
[: [Note 054.12] note-0
[: [Note 054.2] note-0
[: [Note 054.3] note-0
[: [Note 054.4] note-0
[: [Note 054.5] note-0
[: [Note 054.6] note-0
[: [Note 054.7] note-0
[: [Note 054.8] note-0
[: [Note 054.9] note-0
[: [Note 056.1] note-0
[: [Note 056.2] note-0
[: [Note 056.3] note-0
[: [Note 056.4] note-0
[: [Note 056.5] note-0
[: [Note 056.6] note-0
[: [Note 056.7] note-0
[: [Note 056.8] note-0
[: [Note 056.9] note-0
[: [Note 059.0] note-0
[: [Note 059.1] note-0
[: [Note 059.2] note-0
[: [Note 059.3] note-0
[: [Note 059.4] note-0
[: [Note 059.5] note-0
[: [Note 059.6] note-0
[: [Note 066.1] note-0
[: [Note 070.1] note-0
[: [Note 070.2] note-0
[: [Note 070.3] note-0
[: [Note 070.4] note-0
[: [Note 070.5] note-0
[: [Note 070.6] note-0
[: [Note 070.7] note-0
[: [Note 079.1] note-0
[: [Note 079.2] note-0
[: [Note 081.1] note-0
[: [Note 083.1] note-0
[: [Note 083.2] note-0
[: [Note 083.3] note-0
[: [Note 083.4] note-0
[: [Note 083.5] note-0
[: [Note 083.6] note-0
[: [Note 089.1] note-0
[: [Note 089.2] note-0
[: [Note 089.3] note-0
[: [Note 089.4] note-0
[: [Note 089.5] note-0
[: [Note 089.6] note-0
[: [Note 089.7] note-0
[: [Note 090.1] note-0
[: [Note 090.2] note-0
[: [Note 090.3] note-0
[: [Note 090.4] note-0
[: [Note 090.5] note-0
[: [Note 090.6] note-0
[: [Note 090.7] note-0
[: [Note 092.1] note-0
[: [Note 092.2] note-0
[: [Note 092.3] note-0
[: [Note 092.4] note-0
[: [Note 092.5] note-0
[: [Note 097.1] note-0
[: [Note 097.2] note-0
[: [Note 099.1] note-0
[: [Note 099.2] note-0
[: [Note 099.3] note-0
[: [Note 099.4] note-0
[: [Note 099.5] note-0
[: [Note 100.0] note-1
[: [Note 100.1] note-1
[: [Note 100.10] note-1
[: [Note 100.11] note-1
[: [Note 100.12] note-1
[: [Note 100.13] note-1
[: [Note 100.14] note-1
[: [Note 100.2] note-1
[: [Note 100.3] note-1
[: [Note 100.4] note-1
[: [Note 100.5] note-1
[: [Note 100.6] note-1
[: [Note 100.7] note-1
[: [Note 100.8] note-1
[: [Note 100.9] note-1
[: [Note 101.1] note-1
[: [Note 101.2] note-1
[: [Note 101.3] note-1
[: [Note 101.4] note-1
[: [Note 101.5] note-1
[: [Note 102.1] note-1
[: [Note 102.2] note-1
[: [Note 105.0] note-1
[: [Note 105.1] note-1
[: [Note 105.2] note-1
[: [Note 105.3] note-1
[: [Note 105.4] note-1
[: [Note 105.5] note-1
[: [Note 105.6] note-1
[: [Note 105.7] note-1
[: [Note 105.8] note-1
[: [Note 106.0] note-1
[: [Note 106.1] note-1
[: [Note 106.2] note-1
[: [Note 106.3] note-1
[: [Note 106.4] note-1
[: [Note 109.1] note-1
[: [Note 112.1] note-1
[: [Note 112.2] note-1
[: [Note 112.3] note-1
[: [Note 112.4] note-1
[: [Note 112.5] note-1
[: [Note 112.6] note-1
[: [Note 112.7] note-1
[: [Note 119.0] note-1
[: [Note 119.1] note-1
[: [Note 119.2] note-1
[: [Note 119.4] note-1
[: [Note 119.5] note-1
[: [Note 122.1] note-1
[: [Note 122.2] note-1
[: [Note 122.3] note-1
[: [Note 122.4] note-1
[: [Note 128.1] note-1
[: [Note 128.2] note-1
[: [Note 128.3] note-1
[: [Note 128.4] note-1
[: [Note 141.1] note-1
[: [Note 141.2] note-1
[: [Note 141.3] note-1
[: [Note 141.4] note-1
[: [Note 141.5] note-1
[: [Note 141.6] note-1
[: [Note 142.1] note-1
[: [Note 142.2] note-1
[: [Note 146.0] note-1
[: [Note 146.1] note-1
[: [Note 146.10] note-1
[: [Note 146.11] note-1
[: [Note 146.12] note-1
[: [Note 146.2] note-1
[: [Note 146.3] note-1
[: [Note 146.4] note-1
[: [Note 146.5] note-1
[: [Note 146.6] note-1
[: [Note 146.7] note-1
[: [Note 146.8] note-1
[: [Note 146.9] note-1
[: [Note 148.1] note-1
[: [Note 148.2] note-1
[: [Note 148.3] note-1
[: [Note 148.4] note-1
[: [Note 148.5] note-1
[: [Note 148.6] note-1
[: [Note 148.7] note-1
[: [Note 151.1] note-1
[: [Note 151.2] note-1
[: [Note 151.3] note-1
[: [Note 151.4] note-1
[: [Note 151.5] note-1
[: [Note 153.1] note-1
[: [Note 153.10] note-1
[: [Note 153.2] note-1
[: [Note 153.3] note-1
[: [Note 153.4] note-1
[: [Note 153.5] note-1
[: [Note 153.6] note-1
[: [Note 153.7] note-1
[: [Note 153.8] note-1
[: [Note 153.9] note-1
[: [Note 163.1] note-1
[: [Note 175.0] note-1
[: [Note 175.1] note-1
[: [Note 175.2] note-1
[: [Note 184.1] note-1
[: [Note 184.2] note-1
[: [Note 184.3] note-1
[: [Note 187.1] note-1
[: [Note 195.1] note-1
[: [Note 195.2] note-1
[: [Note 195.3] note-1
[: [Note 195.4] note-1
[: [Note 195.5 ] note-1
[: [Note 195.6] note-1
[: [Note 195.7] note-1
[: [Note 196.1] note-1
[: [Note 196.2] note-1
[: [Note 196.3] note-1
[: [Note 196.4] note-1
[: [Note 196.5] note-1
[: [Note 198.1] note-1
[: [Note 198.2] note-1
[: [Note 198.3] note-1
[: [Note 198.4] note-1
[: [Note 198.5] note-1
[: [Note 198.6] note-1
[: [Note 199.1] note-1
[: [Note 199.2] note-1
[: [Note 199.3] note-1
[: [Note 199.4] note-1
[: [Note 199.5] note-1
[: [Note 199.6] note-1
[: [Note 199.7] note-1
[: [Note 199.8] note-1
[: [Note 201.1] note-2
[: [Note 201.2] note-2
[: [Note 201.3] note-2
[: [Note 202.1] note-2
[: [Note 202.2] note-2
[: [Note 205.1] note-2
[: [Note 205.2] note-2
[: [Note 205.3] note-2
[: [Note 205.4] note-2
[: [Note 205.5] note-2
[: [Note 205.6] note-2
[: [Note 210.1] note-2
[: [Note 215.1] note-2
[: [Note 215.2] note-2
[: [Note 215.3] note-2
[: [Note 215.4] note-2
[: [Note 215.5] note-2
[: [Note 215.6] note-2
[: [Note 224.1] note-2
[: [Note 224.10] note-2
[: [Note 224.11] note-2
[: [Note 224.12] note-2
[: [Note 224.2] note-2
[: [Note 224.3] note-2
[: [Note 224.4] note-2
[: [Note 224.5] note-2
[: [Note 224.6] note-2
[: [Note 224.7] note-2
[: [Note 224.8] note-2
[: [Note 224.9] note-2
[: [Note 225.1] note-2
[: [Note 225.2] note-2
[: [Note 225.3] note-2
[: [Note 226.1] note-2
[: [Note 231.0] note-2
[: [Note 231.1] note-2
[: [Note 231.2] note-2
[: [Note 240.1] note-2
[: [Note 240.10] note-2
[: [Note 240.11] note-2
[: [Note 240.2] note-2
[: [Note 240.3] note-2
[: [Note 240.4] note-2
[: [Note 240.5] note-2
[: [Note 240.6] note-2
[: [Note 240.7] note-2
[: [Note 240.8] note-2
[: [Note 240.9] note-2
[: [Note 242.1] note-2
[: [Note 242.2] note-2
[: [Note 242.3] note-2
[: [Note 242.4] note-2
[: [Note 242.5] note-2
[: [Note 247.1] note-2
[: [Note 247.2] note-2
[: [Note 247.3] note-2
[: [Note 247.4] note-2
[: [Note 247.5] note-2
[: [Note 247.6] note-2
[: [Note 247.7] note-2
[: [Note 247.8] note-2
[: [Note 253.1] note-2
[: [Note 253.2] note-2
[: [Note 253.3] note-2
[: [Note 253.4] note-2
[: [Note 263.1] note-2
[: [Note 263.2] note-2
[: [Note 263.3] note-2
[: [Note 263.4] note-2
[: [Note 263.5] note-2
[: [Note 263.6] note-2
[: [Note 263.7] note-2
[: [Note 264.1] note-2
[: [Note 264.2] note-2
[: [Note 264.3] note-2
[: [Note 264.4] note-2
[: [Note 264.5] note-2
[: [Note 264.6] note-2
[: [Note 271.1] note-2
[: [Note 271.2] note-2
[: [Note 271.3] note-2
[: [Note 271.4] note-2
[: [Note 272.1] note-2
[: [Note 272.2] note-2
[: [Note 272.3] note-2
[: [Note 272.4] note-2
[: [Note 272.5] note-2
[: [Note 272.6] note-2
[: [Note 272.7] note-2
[: [Note 272.8] note-2
[: [Note 273.1] note-2
[: [Note 273.2] note-2
[: [Note 273.3] note-2
[: [Note 273.4] note-2
[: [Note 273.5] note-2
[: [Note 273.6] note-2
[: [Note 279.0] note-2
[: [Note 279.1] note-2
[: [Note 279.2] note-2
[: [Note 279.3] note-2
[: [Note 279.4] note-2
[: [Note 279.5] note-2
[: [Note 279.6] note-2
[: [Note 279.7] note-2
[: [Note 282.1] note-2
[: [Note 282.2] note-2
[: [Note 285.1] note-2
[: [Note 292.1] note-2
[: [Note 292.2] note-2
[: [Note 292.3] note-2
[: [Note 292.4] note-2
[: [Note 292.5] note-2
[: [Note 292.6] note-2
[: [Note 294.1] note-2
[: [Note 294.2] note-2
[: [Note 294.3] note-2
[: [Note 294.4] note-2
[: [Note 299.1] note-2
[: [Note 299.2] note-2
[: [Note 299.3] note-2
[: [Note 299.4] note-2
[: [Note 301.1] note-3
[: [Note 301.2] note-3
[: [Note 304.1] note-3
[: [Note 304.2] note-3
[: [Note 304.3] note-3
[: [Note 304.4] note-3
[: [Note 306.1] note-3
[: [Note 306.2] note-3
[: [Note 306.3] note-3
[: [Note 306.4] note-3
[: [Note 307.1] note-3
[: [Note 307.10] note-3
[: [Note 307.11] note-3
[: [Note 307.12] note-3
[: [Note 307.2] note-3
[: [Note 307.3] note-3
[: [Note 307.4] note-3
[: [Note 307.5] note-3
[: [Note 307.6] note-3
[: [Note 307.7] note-3
[: [Note 307.8] note-3
[: [Note 307.9] note-3
[: [Note 313.1] note-3
[: [Note 313.2] note-3
[: [Note 313.3] note-3
[: [Note 313.4] note-3
[: [Note 318.1] note-3
[: [Note 318.2] note-3
[: [Note 318.3] note-3
[: [Note 318.4] note-3
[: [Note 321.1] note-3
[: [Note 321.2] note-3
[: [Note 321.3] note-3
[: [Note 326.1] note-3
[: [Note 326.10] note-3
[: [Note 326.2] note-3
[: [Note 326.3] note-3
[: [Note 326.4] note-3
[: [Note 326.5] note-3
[: [Note 326.6] note-3
[: [Note 326.7] note-3
[: [Note 326.8] note-3
[: [Note 326.9] note-3
[: [Note 329.1] note-3
[: [Note 329.10] note-3
[: [Note 329.2] note-3
[: [Note 329.3] note-3
[: [Note 329.4] note-3
[: [Note 329.5] note-3
[: [Note 329.6] note-3
[: [Note 329.7] note-3
[: [Note 329.8] note-3
[: [Note 329.9] note-3
[: [Note 332.1] note-3
[: [Note 332.2] note-3
[: [Note 332.3] note-3
[: [Note 332.4] note-3
[: [Note 332.5] note-3
[: [Note 335.1] note-3
[: [Note 335.2] note-3
[: [Note 335.3] note-3
[: [Note 335.4] note-3
[: [Note 335.5 ] note-3
[: [Note 335.6] note-3
[: [Note 336.1] note-3
[: [Note 336.2] note-3
[: [Note 336.3] note-3
[: [Note 336.4] note-3
[: [Note 336.5] note-3
[: [Note 336.6] note-3
[: [Note 336.7] note-3
[: [Note 336.8] note-3
[: [Note 336.9] note-3
[: [Note 339.1] note-3
[: [Note 339.2] note-3
[: [Note 339.3] note-3
[: [Note 339.4] note-3
[: [Note 342.1] note-3
[: [Note 342.2] note-3
[: [Note 342.3] note-3
[: [Note 342.4] note-3
[: [Note 342.5] note-3
[: [Note 348.1] note-3
[: [Note 348.2] note-3
[: [Note 348.3] note-3
[: [Note 359.0] note-3
[: [Note 359.1] note-3
[: [Note 359.2] note-3
[: [Note 359.3] note-3
[: [Note 359.4] note-3
[: [Note 359.5] note-3
[: [Note 359.6] note-3
[: [Note 359.7] note-3
[: [Note 359.8] note-3
[: [Note 369.1] note-3
[: [Note 369.2] note-3
[: [Note 369.3] note-3
[: [Note 369.4] note-3
[: [Note 369.5] note-3
[: [Note 374.1] note-3
[: [Note 374.2] note-3
[: [Note 374.3] note-3
[: [Note 374.4] note-3
[: [Note 378.1] note-3
[: [Note 378.2] note-3
[: [Note 378.3] note-3
[: [Note 378.4] note-3
[: [Note 378.5] note-3
[: [Note 378.6] note-3
[: [Note 378.7] note-3
[: [Note 378.8] note-3
[: [Note 382.1] note-3
[: [Note 402.1] note-4
[: [Note 402.2] note-4
[: [Note 404.1] note-4
[: [Note 404.2] note-4
[: [Note 404.3] note-4
[: [Note 416.1] note-4
[: [Note 416.2] note-4
[: [Note 417.0] note-4
[: [Note 417.1] note-4
[: [Note 417.2] note-4
[: [Note 419.1] note-4
[: [Note 419.2] note-4
[: [Note 419.3] note-4
[: [Note 419.4] note-4
[: [Note 419.5] note-4
[: [Note 419.6] note-4
[: [Note 419.7] note-4
[: [Note 419.8] note-4
[: [Note 419.9] note-4
[: [Note 422.1] note-4
[: [Note 422.2] note-4
[: [Note 422.3] note-4
[: [Note 422.4] note-4
[: [Note 422.5] note-4
[: [Note 422.6] note-4
[: [Note 422.7] note-4
[: [Note 422.8] note-4
[: [Note 422.9] note-4
[: [Note 456.1] note-4
[: [Note 456.2] note-4
[: [Note 456.3] note-4
[: [Note 456.4] note-4
[: [Note 476.1] note-4
[: [Note 476.2] note-4
[: [Note 476.3] note-4
[: [Note 476.4] note-4
[: [Note 480.1] note-4
[: [Note 489.1] note-4
[: [Note 489.2] note-4
[: [Note 491.1] note-4
[: [Note 491.2] note-4
[: [Note 491.3] note-4
[: [Note 491.4] note-4
[: [Note 504.1] note-5
[: [Note 504.2] note-5
[: [Note 504.3] note-5
[: [Note 504.4] note-5
[: [Note 509.1] note-5
[: [Note 509.2] note-5
[: [Note 509.3] note-5
[: [Note 515.1] note-5
[: [Note 515.10] note-5
[: [Note 515.2] note-5
[: [Note 515.3] note-5
[: [Note 515.4] note-5
[: [Note 515.5] note-5
[: [Note 515.6] note-5
[: [Note 515.7] note-5
[: [Note 515.8] note-5
[: [Note 515.9] note-5
[: [Note 524.1] note-5
[: [Note 524.2] note-5
[: [Note 524.3] note-5
[: [Note 524.4] note-5
[: [Note 524.5] note-5
[: [Note 524.6] note-5
[: [Note 534.1] note-5
[: [Note 534.2] note-5
[: [Note 538.1] note-5
[: [Note 538.2] note-5
[: [Note 538.3] note-5
[: [Note 538.4] note-5
[: [Note 542.1] note-5
[: [Note 542.2] note-5
[: [Note 542.3] note-5
[: [Note 542.4] note-5
[: [Note 542.5] note-5
[: [Note 542.6] note-5
[: [Note 542.7] note-5
[: [Note 544.1] note-5
[: [Note 544.2] note-5
[: [Note 545.1] note-5
[: [Note 545.2] note-5
[: [Note 545.3] note-5
[: [Note 549.1] note-5
[: [Note 549.2] note-5
[: [Note 549.3] note-5
[: [Note 549.4] note-5
[: [Note 549.5] note-5
[: [Note 549.6] note-5
[: [Note 549.7] note-5
[: [Note 553.1] note-5
[: [Note 553.2] note-5
[: [Note 554.1] note-5
[: [Note 554.2] note-5
[: [Note 554.3] note-5
[: [Note 556.1] note-5
[: [Note 558.1] note-5
[: [Note 558.2] note-5
[: [Note 558.3] note-5
[: [Note 558.4] note-5
[: [Note 558.5] note-5
[: [Note 558.6] note-5
[: [Note 558.7] note-5
[: [Note 558.8] note-5
[: [Note 560.1] note-5
[: [Note 562.1] note-5
[: [Note 562.2] note-5
[: [Note 562.3] note-5
[: [Note 562.4] note-5
[: [Note 562.5] note-5
[: [Note 562.6] note-5
[: [Note 565.1] note-5
[: [Note 565.2] note-5
[: [Note 566.1] note-5
[: [Note 566.2] note-5
[: [Note 567.1] note-5
[: [Note 567.2] note-5
[: [Note 567.3] note-5
[: [Note 567.4] note-5
[: [Note 567.5] note-5
[: [Note 568.1] note-5
[: [Note 568.2] note-5
[: [Note 569.1] note-5
[: [Note 569.2] note-5
[: [Note 569.3] note-5
[: [Note 570.1] note-5
[: [Note 570.2] note-5
[: [Note 570.3] note-5
[: [Note 571.1] note-5
[: [Note 571.2] note-5
[: [Note 571.3] note-5
[: [Note 573.1] note-5
[: [Note 573.2] note-5
[: [Note 573.3] note-5
[: [Note 574.1] note-5
[: [Note 574.2] note-5
[: [Note 574.3] note-5
[: [Note 574.4] note-5
[: [Note 575.1] note-5
[: [Note 575.2] note-5
[: [Note 575.3] note-5
[: [Note 577.1] note-5
[: [Note 577.2] note-5
[: [Note 579.1] note-5
[: [Note 579.2] note-5
[: [Note 580.1] note-5
[: [Note 580.2] note-5
[: [Note 581.1] note-5
[: [Note 581.2] note-5
[: [Note 589.1] note-5
[: [Note 589.2] note-5
[: [Note 590.1] note-5
[: [Note 590.10] note-5
[: [Note 590.11] note-5
[: [Note 590.2] note-5
[: [Note 590.3] note-5
[: [Note 590.4] note-5
[: [Note 590.5] note-5
[: [Note 590.6] note-5
[: [Note 590.7] note-5
[: [Note 590.8] note-5
[: [Note 590.9] note-5
[: [Note 591.1] note-5
[: [Note 591.2] note-5
[: [Note 591.3] note-5
[: [Note 591.4] note-5
[: [Note 591.5] note-5
[: [Note 591.6] note-5
[: [Note 596.1] note-5
[: [Note 596.2] note-5
[: [Note 596.3] note-5
[: [Note 598.1] note-5
[: [Note 598.2] note-5
[: [Note 598.3] note-5
[: [Note 598.4] note-5
[: [Note 599.1] note-5
[: [Note 599.2] note-5
[: [Note 612.1] note-6
[: [Note 618.1] note-6
[: [Note 618.10] note-6
[: [Note 618.11] note-6
[: [Note 618.12] note-6
[: [Note 618.13] note-6
[: [Note 618.14] note-6
[: [Note 618.15] note-6
[: [Note 618.16] note-6
[: [Note 618.17] note-6
[: [Note 618.18] note-6
[: [Note 618.19] note-6
[: [Note 618.2] note-6
[: [Note 618.3] note-6
[: [Note 618.4] note-6
[: [Note 618.5] note-6
[: [Note 618.6] note-6
[: [Note 618.7] note-6
[: [Note 618.8] note-6
[: [Note 618.9] note-6
[: [Note 621.1] note-6
[: [Note 621.2] note-6
[: [Note 621.3] note-6
[: [Note 621.4] note-6
[: [Note 621.5] note-6
[: [Note 621.6] note-6
[: [Note 621.7] note-6
[: [Note 621.8] note-6
[: [Note 621.9] note-6
[: [Note 624.1] note-6
[: [Note 624.2] note-6
[: [Note 624.3] note-6
[: [Note 624.4] note-6
[: [Note 624.5] note-6
[: [Note 624.6] note-6
[: [Note 624.7] note-6
[: [Note 624.8] note-6
[: [Note 624.9] note-6
[: [Note 625.1] note-6
[: [Note 625.2] note-6
[: [Note 625.3] note-6
[: [Note 625.4] note-6
[: [Note 627.1] note-6
[: [Note 628.1] note-6
[: [Note 628.2] note-6
[: [Note 628.3] note-6
[: [Note 628.4] note-6
[: [Note 634.1] note-6
[: [Note 634.2] note-6
[: [Note 634.3] note-6
[: [Note 634.4] note-6
[: [Note 643.1] note-6
[: [Note 643.10] note-6
[: [Note 643.11] note-6
[: [Note 643.12] note-6
[: [Note 643.13] note-6
[: [Note 643.14] note-6
[: [Note 643.2] note-6
[: [Note 643.3] note-6
[: [Note 643.4] note-6
[: [Note 643.5] note-6
[: [Note 643.6] note-6
[: [Note 643.7] note-6
[: [Note 643.8] note-6
[: [Note 643.9] note-6
[: [Note 645.1] note-6
[: [Note 645.2] note-6
[: [Note 647.1] note-6
[: [Note 647.10] note-6
[: [Note 647.11] note-6
[: [Note 647.12] note-6
[: [Note 647.13] note-6
[: [Note 647.14] note-6
[: [Note 647.15] note-6
[: [Note 647.2] note-6
[: [Note 647.4] note-6
[: [Note 647.5] note-6
[: [Note 647.6] note-6
[: [Note 647.7] note-6
[: [Note 647.8] note-6
[: [Note 647.9] note-6
[: [Note 649.1] note-6
[: [Note 652.1] note-6
[: [Note 655.1] note-6
[: [Note 655.2] note-6
[: [Note 655.3] note-6
[: [Note 655.4] note-6
[: [Note 655.5] note-6
[: [Note 655.6] note-6
[: [Note 655.7] note-6
[: [Note 655.9] note-6
[: [Note 657.1] note-6
[: [Note 657.10] note-6
[: [Note 657.11] note-6
[: [Note 657.12] note-6
[: [Note 657.13] note-6
[: [Note 657.2] note-6
[: [Note 657.3] note-6
[: [Note 657.4] note-6
[: [Note 657.5] note-6
[: [Note 657.6] note-6
[: [Note 657.7] note-6
[: [Note 657.8] note-6
[: [Note 657.9] note-6
[: [Note 662.1] note-6
[: [Note 662.2] note-6
[: [Note 663.1] note-6
[: [Note 663.2] note-6
[: [Note 663.3] note-6
[: [Note 664.1] note-6
[: [Note 664.2] note-6
[: [Note 664.3] note-6
[: [Note 664.4] note-6
[: [Note 666.1] note-6
[: [Note 666.2] note-6
[: [Note 666.3] note-6
[: [Note 666.4] note-6
[: [Note 666.5] note-6
[: [Note 666.6] note-6
[: [Note 666.7] note-6
[: [Note 666.8] note-6
[: [Note 667.1] note-6
[: [Note 667.2] note-6
[: [Note 667.3] note-6
[: [Note 667.4] note-6
[: [Note 668.1] note-6
[: [Note 668.10] note-6
[: [Note 668.11] note-6
[: [Note 668.12] note-6
[: [Note 668.13] note-6
[: [Note 668.2] note-6
[: [Note 668.3] note-6
[: [Note 668.4] note-6
[: [Note 668.5] note-6
[: [Note 668.6] note-6
[: [Note 668.7] note-6
[: [Note 668.8] note-6
[: [Note 668.9] note-6
[: [Note 669.1] note-6
[: [Note 669.2] note-6
[: [Note 669.3] note-6
[: [Note 669.4] note-6
[: [Note 669.5] note-6
[: [Note 679.1] note-6
[: [Note 679.2] note-6
[: [Note 679.3] note-6
[: [Note 679.4] note-6
[: [Note 679.5] note-6
[: [Note 688.1] note-6
[: [Note 694.1] note-6
[: [Note 703.1] note-7
[: [Note 704.1] note-7
[: [Note 704.2] note-7
[: [Note 704.3] note-7
[: [Note 705.1] note-7
[: [Note 706.1] note-7
[: [Note 706.2] note-7
[: [Note 708.1] note-7
[: [Note 708.2] note-7
[: [Note 709.1] note-7
[: [Note 709.2] note-7
[: [Note 709.3] note-7
[: [Note 711.1] note-7
[: [Note 711.2] note-7
[: [Note 711.3] note-7
[: [Note 713.1] note-7
[: [Note 713.2] note-7
[: [Note 716.1] note-7
[: [Note 721.1] note-7
[: [Note 721.2] note-7
[: [Note 721.3] note-7
[: [Note 721.4] note-7
[: [Note 726.1] note-7
[: [Note 726.2] note-7
[: [Note 726.3] note-7
[: [Note 726.4] note-7
[: [Note 727.1] note-7
[: [Note 727.2] note-7
[: [Note 727.3] note-7
[: [Note 727.4] note-7
[: [Note 728.1] note-7
[: [Note 728.2] note-7
[: [Note 729.1] note-7
[: [Note 729.2] note-7
[: [Note 729.3] note-7
[: [Note 729.4] note-7
[: [Note 729.5] note-7
[: [Note 733.1] note-7
[: [Note 734.1] note-7
[: [Note 735.1] note-7
[: [Note 737.1] note-7
[: [Note 737.2] note-7
[: [Note 737.3] note-7
[: [Note 746.1] note-7
[: [Note: 647.3] note-6
[: [Note711.3] note71
0: 030 Demonstration 030-de
0: 030Notation 030not
0: 036.1|Uncategorised|'"Who''s b 036-1-
0: 036.2|Uncategorised|"But left 036-2-
0: 036.3|Uncategorised|"To live w 036-3-
3: 36.1|Uncategorised|'"Who''s be 36-1-u
3: 36.2|Uncategorised|"But left h 36-2-u
3: 36.3|Uncategorised|"To live wi 36-3-u
6: 624.1 624-1
6: 624.2 624-2
6: 624.3 624-3
A: A Custom House Breeze bar733
A: A-Working on the Railway bar015
A: A-Working on the Railway bar015
A: A: a
A: Absent Minded Ganger bar566
A: Absent Minded Ganger bar566
A: Absent-Minded Chairman bar568
A: Absent-Minded Chairman bar568
A: Accident At Preston, On The Bo bar001
A: Accidents and Disasters dummy accide
A: Aerial Ship bar555
A: Aerial Steam Party bar163
A: Aerostation, or the Great Ball bar556
A: Age of New Inventions bar621
A: Age of New Inventions bar621
A: Age of steam bar623
A: Ais Gill bar002
A: Alarm Clock Rings bar003
A: Albion Mills On Fire bar004
A: Albion Steam Boat bar705
A: All Change for LLanfairfechan bar005
A: All Rail Articles showing Cate all-ra
A: Appeal to Non-Society Men, An bar007
A: Are You Good Natured Dear bar008
A: Are You Good Natured Dear bar008
A: Ariadne Steam Packet bar034
A: Ariadne Steam Packet bar034
A: Article templates, the true st articl
A: As the Lusitania Went Down bar601
A: Asleep at the Switch bar009
A: At A Railway Station bar010
A: Auld Fite Naig, The bar011
A: Awaiting Analysis awaiti
A: Awful boiler explosion, at Bin bar012
A: Awful catastrophe at the Clayt bar013
A: Awful Railway Accident Between bar014
A: Aye Lad, That's the Way bar017
B: B: b
B: Baker's Glory, or The Conflagr bar508
B: Ballad Of The Q4, the bar018
B: Barrack Street bar020
B: Battle Fought On The Shields R bar021
B: Battle Fought On The Shields R bar021
B: Battle of Balfron bar022
B: Battle of the Navvies bar023
B: Be British bar114
B: Be in Time bar024
B: Beauties of Adare bar025
B: Beeching and After od027
B: Behind Time bar694
B: Bendigo bar522
B: Betty Martin Or The Steam Loo bar026
B: Betty Martin or The Steam Loom bar026
B: Bewildord Pitman, The bar536
B: Big Ben bar027
B: Big Bertha bar028
B: Bill's Length bar693
B: Billibirumpidoodlupiday bar029
B: Birmingham And Liverpool Railw bar030
B: Birmingham And Liverpool Railw bar030
B: Bishopsgate Depot Fire bar658
B: Black Five bar031
B: Blighty Train, The bar032
B: Blinky is Driving Tonight bar033
B: Blood on the Wheel bar692
B: Boat's A-Going Over, The bar035
B: Bob Cruikshanks bar691
B: Bob the Groom bar036
B: Bob the Groom Notes bar036
B: Bobby Walkstraight's Visit to bar101
B: Bobby Walkstraight's Visit to bar101
B: Body Dragger's Story bar037
B: Bold English Navvy bar513
B: Bold Navigators bar038
B: Bold Navvy Man bar039
B: Bowling Railway bar040
B: Bowling Railway bar040
B: Boy in the Train, the bar588
B: Bradshaw's Guide bar041
B: Branch Lines od026
B: Bricks and Mortar bar042
B: Brief Respite bar567
B: Brief Respite bar567
B: Brighton Belle bar043
B: Brighton Belle: (a salute to bar044
B: Brighton Railway bar045
B: Brighton Railway bar045
B: Brighton Steam Packet bar046
B: Brighton Steam Packet bar046
B: Brother Bill And Jemima Brown, bar047
b: browse mp3 in folders browse
B: Bubbles of 1825 bar507
B: Bull John bar637
B: Burning of the Albion Mills 17 ns011
B: Burning of the Amazon Steamer bar600
B: Burning of the Montreal bar048
C: C: c
C: Cabman's Railway Yarn, The bar049
C: Cabman's Railway Yarn, The bar049
C: Calais Packet, The bar050
C: Calais Packet, The bar050
C: Camborne Hill bar051
C: Camborne Hill Notes bar051
C: Can newydd, yn dangos allan y bar531
C: Cân yn cynnwys darluniad a phr bar530
C: Carters and Railway Servants S bar052
C: Carters and Railway Servants S bar052
C: Changes on the Tyne, The bar054
C: Changes on the Tyne, The bar054
C: Chapman Chorale bar563
C: Charitable Steam to the Nore bar616
C: Charming young Fellow I Met In bar057
C: Charming Young Widow I Met in bar520
C: Charming Young Widow I Met on bar058
C: Cheap Excursion Train, The bar059
C: Cheap Excursion Train, The bar059
C: Children's Games etc. od0057
C: Clyde Steam Boats 1818 bar666
C: Clyde Steam Boats 1818 Notes bar666
C: Clyde Steam Boats 1819 bar667
C: Clyde Steam Boats 1819 bar667
C: Clyde Steam Boats 1819 bar667
C: Coal od034
C: Cockney's Travels, The bar060
C: Cockneys Trip To Brummagem, Th bar061
C: Colier, The bar062
C: Collier Lass bar504
C: Collier Lass (The) bar504
C: Colliery Railways dummy collie
C: Collision of Dublin and Belfas bar592
C: Colonel and the Lady, The bar063
C: Comic Railway Tales od008
C: Connaught Mans Adventures in D bar613
C: Conoughtman's Description Of G bar434
C: Conveyancing bar729
C: Conveyancing 729
C: Cook's Excursion bar064
C: Cook's Excursion Trip (A) bar065
C: Cork Leg And Steam Arm, The bar067
C: Corn Bill, A song on the bar068
C: Cornish navvy 1 cornis
C: Cornish navvy 2 cornis
C: Cosher Bailey bar069
C: Cotton Spinners From Mancheste bar070
C: Cotton Spinners From Mancheste bar070
C: Crash, The; Or Meeting Of Cork bar071
D: Daddy Went Upon a Steamer bar072
D: Dan O'Connell or Morris O'Donn bar073
D: Danger Signal bar074
D: Daniel O'Connell's Steam Engin bar075
D: Daniell O'Conell and his Steam bar076
D: Darlington Railway Appliances bar077
D: Dashing Navygator, The bar078
D: Dashing Steam-Loom Weaver bar079
D: Dashing Steam-Loom Weaver bar079
D: Day We Run Away, The bar080
D: Death and His Brother, Sleep bar081
D: Derivatives of the Cork Leg {R ds0001
D: Derwent Wagons bar578
D: Did You Ever Hear A Girl Say N bar084
D: Dining Car, The bar586
D: Dinosaur The Railway Left Behi bar085
D: Dirge of the Dragsman bar626
D: Disaster at Elliot Junction 28 bar086
D: Dodger, The bar087
D: Dorn's Ass bar088
D: Dover Express Engine bar665
D: Dover Steam Packet, The bar089
D: Dover Steam Packet, The bar089
D: Down By the Dark Arches bar090
D: Down By the Dark Arches bar090
D: Downward Line, The bar091
D: DP Field - display singly in l dp-fie
D: Dr Beeching bar092
D: Dr Beeching bar092
D: Dreadful Accident At The Railw bar093
D: Dreadful Accident to the Irish bar094
D: Dreadful Loss Of The Northflee bar362
D: Dreadful shipwreck of the Nort bar612
D: Dream Town Train, The bar096
D: Driver of the Train, The bar097
D: Driver of the Train, The bar097
D: Driver, The bar098
D: Drivers od036
D: Drowning of the Northfleet Imm bar639
D: Dublin Steam Coach bar099
D: Dublin Steam Coach bar099
D: Dublin Steam Coach (Road) bar099
D: Dudley Station bar537
D: Dumbarton Castle Steam Boat bar706
D: Duncan Weir bar690
d: dups not split? dups-n
E: Eagle Steam Packet, the; or, a bar106
E: Eagle Steam Packet, the; or, a bar106
E: Economies With Lights bar102
E: Economies With Lights Notes bar102
E: Eight Freight Blues bar103
E: Eleven-sixty-nine Express, The bar104
E: Elwy Steamer bar105
E: Elwy Steamer bar105
E: Engine and the Cow, The bar107
E: Engine Driver's Story, A Thril bar108
E: Engine Driver's Story, The bar109
E: Engine on the Line bar110
E: Engineer, The bar111
E: Epitaph on a Deceased Railwaym bar368
E: Everyone to Their Liking bar728
E: Everyone to Their Liking bar728
E: Excursion to Putney bar112
E: Excursion to Putney, Notes excurs
E: Excursion Train, The bar113
E: Exhibition is All U.P., The bar115
E: Exhibition of 1865 bar116
E: Extra extra
F: Fall of Tay Bridge bar660
F: Fall of Tay Bridge bar660
F: Falling Of Nine Arches And Fif bar118
F: Falmouth Railway Sharebroker bar119
F: Falmouth Railway Sharebroker bar119
F: Fantasy od010
F: Farewell to Steam bar120
F: Father Doesn't Fancy Work At A bar121
F: Fireman's Growl bar122
F: Fireman's Growl, The bar122
F: Fireman's Lament, The bar123
F: Fireman's song, The bar125
F: Fireman's Story, The bar126
F: Firemen & Guards od037
F: First Break bat747
F: First Foot bar746
F: First Reactions to the Railway od016
F: Fit Us for the Final Signal bar127
F: Five O'Clock in the Morning bar370
F: Flashie Steam-loom Weaver bar128
F: Flashie Steam-loom Weaver bar128
F: Footplate Song bar129
F: Foster's Mill bar285
F: Foundering of the Hibernia, bar130
F: Four songs about the Opening o ns001
F: Frauds od051
F: From a Railway Carriage bar131
F: From Peter Strongbow, New York bar056
F: From Peter Strongbow, New York bar056
F: Fund of Amusement bar615
F: Funny Doings at New Brighton bar655
F: Funny Doings at New Brighton bar655
G: Galarnad er cof am longddrylli bar528
G: Gallant Twain bar581
G: Gallant Twain 2 columns testin
G: Gallant Twain, The bar581
G: George Gourlay bar132
G: George Stephenson bar535
G: Get on a Puff-Puff bar641
G: Get Yer Ticket for the Steambo bar133
G: Getting started with Form2Cont gettin
G: Girl I Left Behind Me, The bar435
G: Give Me A Ticket To Heaven bar134
G: Glasgow & Ayr Railway, Old bar135
G: Glasgow and Ayr Railway bar135
G: Glasgow is Improving Daily bar136
G: Glasgow Religion bar738
G: Glossary Module glossa
G: Golden Arrow bar137
G: Golden Stones of London bar652
G: Good Old Days of Adam & Eve (1 bar019
G: Good Old Days of Adam and Eve, bar138
G: Good-Bye-ee bar139
G: Grace Darling (Poem by McGonag bar649
G: Grace Darling (Poem by McGonag bar649
G: Grace Darling (Roud 1441) bar518
G: Grace Darling (Roud 3811) bar517
G: Grace Darling (Roud V3151) bar519
G: Grace Darling (Roud V3152) bar496
G: Grace Darling and the S. S. Fo ns0
G: Grace Darling or the Wreckers bar497
G: Gravesend Steamer bar492
G: Gravesend Steamer bar633
G: Great Britain Ashore bar100
G: Great Britain Ashore bar100
G: Great Britain Stuck in the Mud bar510
G: Great Eastern Steamer bar725
G: Great Eastern Steamship bar727
G: Great Eastern Steamship bar727
G: Great National Exhibition of 1 bar140
G: Great Western Rail Road, The bar141
G: Great Western Rail Road, The bar141
G: Great Western, The bar142
G: Great Western, The bar142
G: Green All The Way bar143
G: Green the Ganger bar144
G: Greenock Railway (by A Park) bar146
G: Greenock Railway, The bar146
G: Greenock Steam Boat bar711
G: Gricer til the Day bar147
G: Grimshaw's Factory Fire bar509
G: Grimshaw's Factory Fire bar509
H: Halifax Thornton and Keighley bar148
H: Halifax Thornton and Keighley bar148
H: Hammersmith Belle bar523
H: Handloom versus Powerloom bar149
H: Hanes Llofruddiaeth arswydus M bar150
H: Hanes y Llong a Elwid Llundain bar529
H: Hanes y Llong a Elwid Llundain bar529
H: Harmonious Hole, The bar055
H: Haswell haswel
H: Haswell Cages bar151
H: Haswell Cages bar151
H: Have You Seen the Great Easter bar726
H: Have You Seen the Great Easter bar726
H: He Back She Back bar638
H: Her Black and Rolling Eye bar152
H: Hetton Coals bar153
H: Hetton Coals bar153
H: Hey! Ho! Can't you Hear the St bar154
H: Hey! Ho! Can't you Hear the St bar154
H: High Shields Goods Yard Lights bar569
H: High Shields Goods Yard Lights bar569
H: Hillochie Railway Porter bar155
H: History o' Haworth Railway bar156
H: Holidays & Excursions by Boat od035
H: Holidays & Excursions by Rail od030
H: Honeymoon Train, The bar124
H: Honeymoon Train, The bar157
H: Hoops in the Petticoats bar158
H: Hop De Dooden Doo bar657
H: Hop De Dooden Doo bar657
H: Horrid Murder of a Gentleman i bar159
H: How Will the Voyage End? bar160
H: Howdon For Jarrow, Loup Out! bar538
H: Howdon For Jarrow, Loup Out! bar538
H: Hudson for Whitby bar161
H: Hull and Holderness Railway bar162
H: Humble Heroes bar571
H: Humble Heroes bar571
I: I Do Like To Be Beside The Sea bar164
I: I Lost My Train Again bar165
I: I Stand and Watch the Trains G bar465
I: I Want to Go Back to London bar516
I: I'd like to Be A Lengthman bar166
I: I'll be waiting at the station bar172
I: I'm a Navvy bar167
I: I'm a Nipper I'm a Tipper bar585
I: I'm gaein in the train bar168
I: I'm The Man Who Put The Engine bar173
I: I've Been Working on the Railr bar169
I: I've Gone and Lost That Darned bar189
I: I've Got to Get the Nine-Train bar190
I: I've Never Lost My Last Train bar170
I: If You Go In A Railway Train bar171
I: Impact of Railways on Horse Po impact
I: Impact of Railways on the Coun od022
I: Impact of Railways on Town and impact
I: Impact of Railways on Towns od021
I: Impact of Steam on Horse Trans od015
I: Impact of Steam on Rural Life od048
I: Impact of Steam on Water Trans od038
I: In a Cheap Excursion Train bar174
I: In Praise of the City of Mulli bar176
I: In The Sidings Now bar177
I: In The Signal Box bar178
I: In the Train bar179
I: Indexes indexe
I: Invention of the High Level Br bar180
I: Irish Harvestmen's Triumph bar181
I: Irish Navigator, The bar182
i: irish navvy 1 irish-
i: irish navvy 2 irish-
I: Iron horse 2 bar183
I: Iron Horse, The bar184
I: Iron Horse, The bar184
I: Iron Horse, The 3 bar185
I: Iron Times, The bar186
I: Isabella the Barber's Daughter bar634
I: Isabella the Barber's Daughter bar634
I: Isabella the Barbers Daughter bar634
I: Islington Taylor, The Or The bar187
I: It Was In the Queen's County bar598
I: It Was In the Queen's County ba598
I: It's No' The Clean Tattie Ava bar188
I: Items For Children od0058
I: Ivor The Driver bar191
J: Jeames of Buckley Square bar553
J: Jeames of Buckley Square bar553
J: Jemima Brown, or the Queen of bar192
J: Jessie At The Railway Bar bar193
J: Jessie The Belle At The Railwa bar194
J: Jim Crow's Description Of The bar359
J: Jim Crow's Description Of The bar359
J: Jim Dally bar688
J: Jim's Whistle bar687
J: Joan o' Grinfield bar198
J: Jobson's Blunders, or Gas and bar195
J: Jobson's Blunders, or Gas and bar195
J: Jobson's Blunders; Or, Gas And bar195
J: John Bull's Railway Station bar196
J: John Bull's Railway Station bar196
J: John Gilpin's Steam Excursion bar197
J: Johnny Green's Trip Fro' Owdhu bar199
J: Johnny Green's Trip Fro' Owdhu bar199
J: Johnny Met Her on a Steamer bar200
J: Johnny the Engine Driver bar201
J: Johnny the Engine Driver bar201
J: Jolly Waggoner bar202
J: Jolly Waggoner, The bar202
J: Journey with the Railway from bar203
J: Just Like Your Dad bar204
J: Just What We'd All Like to See bar547
K: Keelmen o' the Tyne bar539
K: Kendal Fair bar205
K: Kendal Fair bar205
K: King Steam bar206
K: Kiss In The Railway Train, The bar207
K: Knickerbocker line bar208
K: Knott Mill Fair bar668
K: Knott Mill Fair bar668
L: Laborare Est Ovare bar580
L: Laborare Est Ovare bar580
L: Lamentable Ballad of the Found bar209
L: Lamentable Lines on the Tay Br bar210
L: Lamentable Lines on the Tay Br bar210
L: Lamentable Lines on the Tay Br bar201
L: Lamentation for the Loss of th bar211
L: Lamentation Of Franz Muller bar345
L: Last Train bar212
L: Last Train From Bacup bar213
L: Last Train Home Tonight, The bar214
L: Launch of the Great Britain bar145
L: Launch of the Great Eastern bar215
L: Launch of the Great Eastern bar215
L: Launch of the Great Eastern bar216
L: Ledbury Train, The bar217
L: Leinster Lass bar596
L: Leinster Lass bar596
L: Let the Bulgine Run bar636
L: Level Crossing, The bar218
L: Life and career of Mary Ann Wa bar219
L: Lines on the appalling acciden bar220
L: Lines on the loss of the comet bar630
L: Links to Steamboats and Ships links-
L: Little Engine Drivers bar221
L: Little Engine Drivers bar512
L: Little Johnnies Clockwork Trai bar222
L: Liverpool Improving Daily bar223
L: Liverpool's an altered Town bar503
L: Llanidloes & Newtown Railway bar224
L: Llanidloes & Newtown Railway bar224
L: London Curiosities bar546
L: London Emigrant Steam Ship bar095
L: London Emigrant Steam Ship bar095
L: London Improvements bar620
L: London sights bar625
L: London sights bar625
L: London Steamer, The bar226
L: London Steamer, The bar226
L: London, Chatham and Dover bar227
L: Long Narrow Shovel bar228
L: Loss of the "Victoria" steamer bar229
L: Loss of the Atlantic Mail Ship bar651
L: Loss of the Comet bar631
L: Loss of the Comet steam-boat. bar629
L: Loss of the Forfarshire bar498
L: Loss Of The Glasgow And London bar230
L: Loss of the Glasgow and London bar117
L: Loss of the Governor Fenner bar231
L: Loss of the Governor Fenner bar231
L: Loss of the London bar389
L: Loss of the London bar389
L: Loss of the Princess Alice bar734
L: Loss of the Princess Alice bar232
L: Loss of the Princess Alice by bar735
L: Loss of the Royal Charter bar233
L: Loss of the Ship Rose a Glasco bar234
L: Lusitania Lucy bar607
L: Lusitania song bar608
M: Maccabe's Excursion Train; Or, bar235
M: Man at the Wheel, The bar236
M: Man Below, The bar237
M: Man Who Put The Engine In The bar238
M: Manchester Races, Or Ryley's bar239
M: Manchester Ship Canal, The bar506
M: Manchester's an Altered Town bar240
M: Manchester's an Altered Town bar240
M: Maniac lady, The bar241
M: Margate Steam Yacht (bar242) bar242
M: Margate Steam Yacht (From Lond bar242
M: Margate Steam Yacht (Tea Kettl bar628
M: Margate Steam Yacht (Tea-Kettl bar628
M: Margate Steam-Boat bar243
M: Margate Steam-Packet, The bar244
M: Margate Steamboat, The bar243
M: Marquis of Bute Steam Boat bar710
M: Married Man Caught In A Trap A bar245
M: Mean-Minded Worker bar583
M: Meet the Curator meet-t
M: Meeting of the Leeds town cloc bar246
M: Melancholy Loss of the Waterwi bar500
M: Memories of Waterloo bar248
M: Midnight Train, The bar249
M: Miners song, the; or 5 in the bar552
M: Modern Railway Platform bar576
M: Money Doesn't Go Very Far, The bar250
M: Monster Science bar505
M: More Humane Mikado, A bar251
M: More Work for the Undertaker bar252
M: Moses Of The Mail bar253
M: Moses Of The Mail bar253
M: Muddle Puddle Porter bar254
M: Murder In Park Lane: Apprehens bar256
M: Murder in Park lane. Trial & c bar255
M: Murder In The Railway Train bar257
M: Murder of Sarah Hart (A copy o bar258
M: Music Index music-
M: My First Voyage in Steam bar259
M: My Grandfather's Days bar260
M: My Grandfather's Days bar544
M: My Grandfather's Days bar260
M: My Grandfather's Days bar542
M: My Grandfather's Days bar543
M: My Grandfather's Days bar544
M: My Grandfathers Days bar542
M: My Parents Raised Me Tenderly bar597
N: Nail it Down bar575
N: Nail It Down bar575
N: Narrative Sets info narrat
N: Narrow Gauge bar261
N: National Washerwoman bar721
N: National Washerwoman, The bar721
N: Naughty Jemima Brown bar262
N: Navigators, the: (Railway Make bar335
N: Navigators, the: (Railway Make bar335
N: Navvies od007
N: Navvy Boy bar263
N: Navvy Boy, The bar263
N: Navvy on the Line bar532
N: Navvy on the Line (Bury) bar264
N: Navvy on the Line (Bury) bar264
N: Navvy's Rest, The bar265
N: Navy Boys bar306
N: Navy Boys, The (Paddy's Green bar306
N: Never Change Your Shirt On A R bar266
n: new article new-ar
N: New Invented Steam Carriage bar267
N: New Invented Steam Coach, The bar268
N: New London Railway, The bar269
N: New Penny Postage, The bar270
N: New Sang Tiv an Aad Teun bar648
N: New Seaton coachman bar593
N: New Steam Carriage Blown Up bar271
N: New Steam Carriage Blown Up, T bar271
N: New Steamer, The; Or, Satan's bar495
N: New-Fashioned Crinoline, The bar274
N: Newcastle & North Shields Rail bar564
N: Newcastle & Shields Railway bar273
N: Newcastle And Carlisle Railway bar272
N: Newcastle And Carlisle Railway bar643
N: Newcastle and Carlisle Railway bar272
N: Newcastle And Carlisle Railway bar502
N: Newcastle And Shields Railway bar273
N: Newcastle And Shields Railway, bar273
N: Newport Railway bar716
N: Night Freight bar275
N: Night Train, The bar276
N: Night Train, The bar277
N: Nine O'Clock Train to the City bar278
N: No Use For Him bar357
N: Nobby Waterman Notes bar279
N: Nobby Waterman, The bar279
N: Norton Fitzwarren Railway Disa bar280
N: Norwich Lowestoft navigation bar281
N: Nottman bar282
N: NS002 The Opening of the Newca ns002
N: NS003 Grace Darling and the S. ns003
N: NS003 Grace Darling and the S. ns003-
N: NS004 ~ Peart and Dean 1898 ns-004
N: NS006 ~ Loss of the London 186 ns006
N: NS008 ~ Tay Bridge disaster 18 ns008
O: Oaksey Fox bar283
o: od014 Steam Coaches od014
O: Off the Line, The Train is Com bar284
O: Oh What a Row bar413
O: Oh! Blow the Scenery on the Ra bar286
O: Oh! I Must Go Home Tonight bar287
O: Oh! Mr Porter bar288
O: Old man you'll burst your boil bar289
O: Old Threshing Song bar290
O: Old Wylie's Stone bar291
O: Oldham Workshops bar292
O: Oldham Workshops Notes bar292
O: On the Britannia Steam Boat bar709
O: On the Britannia Steam Boat bar709
O: On the Margate Boat bar293
O: On the Neptune Steam Boat bar703
O: On the Old Ellenny bar294
O: On the Old Ellenny bar294
O: On the Sands (Steamboat) bar295
O: On the Sands (Train) bar296
O: On the staff of the Midland Ra bar297
O: On the Wigan Boat Express bar298
O: Only a Pointsman bar565
O: Only a Pointsman bar565
O: Onward ~ A Tale of the S.E. Ra bar300
O: Opening Ceremonies od012
O: Opening of the New Railway bar301
O: Opening of the New Railway bar301
O: Opening of the Newcastle and C bar643
O: Other Industry od046
O: Other Metaphorical od047
O: Other River Boats after 1850 od0056
O: Other Rivers Before 1851 od0006
O: Other Seagoing Vessels od042
O: Other Shipwrecks od033
O: Other Thames Steamers before 1 od039
O: Oxford & Hampton Railway bar302
O: Oxford & Hampton Railway bar302
P: Paddy From Home bar303
P: Paddy on the Railway (304) bar304
P: Paddy on the Railway (Chorus: bar304
P: Paddy on the Railway (Chorus: bar534
P: Paddy on the Railway (Chorus: bar534
P: Paddy Works On The Railway bar305
P: Paddy's Voyage to Glasgow, A n bar307
P: Paddys Voyage to Galsgow Notes bar307
P: Parting, The bar579
P: Passenger Experience od019
P: Patent Steam Washing bar308
P: Pennyworth Of Fun; Or, Opening bar309
P: Perhaps She's On the Railway bar310
P: Personal Accidents od028
P: Photo Upload photo-
P: Pinwherry Dip bar311
P: Pointsman's Story bar723
P: Poor Cotton Weaver bar312
P: Poor Old Mike bar551
P: Poor Paddy Works On The Railwa bar313
P: Poor Paddy Works On The Railwa bar313
P: Porter's Christmas Eve, The bar314
P: Porter's Love Song (A) bar315
P: Porters od009
p: possible template possib
P: Present Condition of British W bar316
P: Present Times bar722
P: Preston Steam-Loom Weavers bar318
P: Preston Steam-Loom Weavers bar318
P: Preston Strike bar662
P: Preston Strike bar662
P: Princess Alice Went Down bar744
p: pro forma OD pro-fo
P: Public Concerns About Railway od052
Q: Queen's Second Visit bar645
Q: Queens Second Visit bar645
R: Race To The North bar319
R: Ragtime Railway Lunch (That) bar320
R: Rail, the Rail, The bar321
R: Railroad Song, The bar322
R: Railroad Speculators bar559
R: Railroad To Hell bar323
R: Railroad To Hell bar323
R: Railroad travelling or a roide bar515
R: Railroad travelling or a roide bar515
R: Railroad, The bar324
R: Railway Adventure, A bar325
R: Railway Belle bar326
R: Railway Belle Notes bar326
R: Railway Calls, The bar327
R: Railway Foot Warmer bar328
R: Railway Footman bar329
R: Railway Footman Notes bar329
R: Railway Girl, The bar330
R: Railway guard 2 bar331
R: Railway Guard, The bar332
R: Railway Guard, The bar332
R: Railway Guides bar333
R: Railway Hymn, A bar334
R: Railway Hymn, A bar334
R: Railway King bar562
R: Railway King bar562
R: Railway Mania bar336
R: Railway Mania od020
R: Railway Mania bar336
R: Railway Mania - Overview railwa
R: Railway Omnibus bar337
R: Railway Porter bar590
R: Railway Porter bar590
R: Railway Porter Dan bar339
R: Railway Porter Dan bar339
R: Railway Porter, The bar340
R: Railway Porter, The : Humorous bar317
R: Railway Porter, The; Action s bar341
R: Railway Stag, the bar560
R: Railway Stag, the bar560
R: Railway Station Sandwich bar342
R: Railway Station Sandwich, The bar342
R: Railway To Heaven, The bar343
R: Railway to Hell bar344
R: Railway to Hell bar344
R: Railway Train, The bar346
R: Railway Train, The bar347
R: Railway Truck bar348
R: Railway Truck bar348
R: Railway Whistle or the Blessin bar349
R: Railway Workers dummy railwa
R: Railway, The bar350
R: Railway, The (Padstow) bar587
R: Railway, the, Dedicated to Rob bar352
R: Railwayman's Lament bar353
R: Railways bar354
R: Railways and Religion dummy railwa
R: Ramble through the agricultura bar550
R: Reading Between the Lines bar356
R: Redundant Railwayman, The bar358
R: Register as a website user regist
R: Religion & Temperance od049
R: Reply to Wordsworth bar663
R: Reply to Wordsworth bar663
R: Requiem bar360
R: Requiem for Steam bar361
R: Rheilffordd Cwm Taf, Can i bon bar525
R: Rheilffordd, Can i'r bar526
R: Rid of His Engine bar683
R: Riding in a Railway Train bar364
R: Riding on the District Railway bar365
R: Right Away There for the Honey bar366
R: Right side Up ヨ With Care ! bar367
R: Rival Steeds bar369
R: Rival Steeds bar369
R: River Boats after 1850 od045
R: River Boats Before 1851 - Over od004
R: Rob Roy Steam Vessel bar669
R: Roll Alabama Roll bar632
R: Rothesay Castle Steam Boat bar708
R: Rothsay Castle Shipwreck bar489
R: Rothsay Castle Shipwreck bar489
R: Runaway Train, The bar371
S: S.S. Great Britain od053
S: Safety Cord, The bar066
S: Sambo Pegged Out bar372
S: Scenes Of Manchester bar373
S: Scope and Content of the Site od001
S: Scotch Express from Ireland, T bar374
S: Scotch Express from Ireland, T bar374
S: Search search
S: Search header article, no fiel search
S: Seaside posters round the home bar642
S: Servant of the Company bar635
S: Settle & Carlisle, The bar375
S: Severe Criticism bar582
S: She Laughed When I Had Done It bar376
S: She Went Right Past Her Juncti bar377
S: Shillibeers Original Omnibus v bar378
S: Shillibeers Original Omnibus v bar378
S: Ship That will Never Return bar603
S: Shop Windows or Amusements of bar006
S: Shop Windows or Amusements of bar614
S: Shop Windows or Amusements of bar006
S: Show Me A Train that goes to L bar379
S: Shunters and Track Workers od025
S: Shunting Pole Inspector bar225
S: Shunting Pole Inspector bar225
S: Shut-down Of The Pinxton Line bar380
S: Shut-Eye Train bar381
S: Signalman bar681
S: Signalman On The Line bar382
S: Signalman On The Line bar382
S: Signalman Sam bar383
S: Signalman, The bar384
S: Signalmen od023
S: Signalmen - Overview od009
S: SJ Content Categories sj-con
S: Skipper in the Mercantile Mari bar385
S: Skipper of Inland Way, A : A S bar386
S: Slap-Up Lodgings bar387
S: Slow Train, The bar388
S: Smokeless Chimney bar390
S: Snow Train bar391
S: Something new every day bar622
S: Somewhere at Sea bar392
S: Song of Steam bar393
S: Song of Steam bar393
S: Song of the Railroads bar394
S: Song Of The Steam Coachman Tha bar395
S: Songs from the Age of Steam songs-
S: Spiritual Railway, The bar396
S: Spiritual Railway, The bar397
S: Stagecoachman's Lament bar554
S: Stagecoachman's Lament bar554
S: Stand To Your Post bar016
S: Startling confession of Lefroy bar398
S: State of Great Britain, The or bar399
S: Station and Goods Workers od024
S: Station Life od018
S: Station People bar400
S: Steam bar401
S: Steam Arm, The bar402
S: Steam Arm, The bar402
S: Steam at Sheffield bar403
S: Steam Boat bar499
S: Steam Boots bar404
S: Steam Boots bar404
S: Steam carriages by land are no bar557
S: Steam Cigar bar405
S: Steam Coach bar624
S: Steam Coach (2) bar624
S: Steam Coach notes bar624
S: Steam Coach Notes bar624
S: Steam Coach, The bar406
S: Steam Coaches Now Are All The bar407
S: Steam Engine Coffee Grinder bar540
S: Steam Engine or the Powers of bar408
S: Steam Engine, The bar409
S: Steam Ferry bar647
S: Steam Ferry bar647
S: Steam Jaw, The bar410
S: Steam Jobbing versus Greenwic bar679
S: Steam Jobbing versus Greenwich bar679
S: Steam Loom Weaver bar412
S: Steam Packet (A Short farewell bar618
S: Steam Packet (A short farewell bar618
S: Steam Pills; Or, Dr. Puffison bar414
S: Steam Power Generally od050
S: Steam Soup Or Cuckoo Jack's P bar415
S: Steam Tongue Notes bar417
S: Steam Tongue, The bar417
S: Steam Tram Lines bar418
S: Steam Watermen bar419
S: Steam Watermen, The bar419
S: Steam-ery bar591
S: Steam-ery bar591
S: Steam-packet Comet, y, Can ala bar527
S: Steam! Steam!! Steam!!! bar416
S: Steam! Steam!! Steam!!! bar416
S: Steamer Braves Both Wind and T bar604
S: Steamer Robert Burns bar599
S: Steamer Robert Burns bar599
S: Steamer, The Or A Bit Of Advic bar494
S: Steamship Cospatrick bar605
S: Steel Clad Ships of England bar606
S: Still to do? still-
S: Stivvison Centennery bar644
S: Stockton Bridge bar422
S: Stockton Bridge bar422
S: Stood at Clear bar678
S: Stop Yer Ticklin' Jock bar423
S: Storm oh the Paisley Canal bar424
S: Strike Ditties I bar573
S: Strike Ditties I bar573
S: Strike Ditties II bar574
S: Strike Ditties II bar574
S: Study Economy bar425
S: Study Economy bar425
S: Sunday Steamer Emperor bar426
S: Sunday Working at Cheltenham bar570
S: Sunday Working at Cheltenham bar570
S: Sure I'm a porter at the stati bar640
S: Swell's Diary bar541
T: T'mill a'll go bar363
t: tagged article tagged
T: Taith Y Cardi O Landyssul I Lu bar521
T: Tay Bridge bar082
T: Tay Bridge Disaster bar427
T: Tay Bridge Disaster (659) bar659
T: Tay Bridge Disaster (659) bar659
T: Tay Bridge Disaster (661) bar661
T: Tay Bridge Disaster, In Memor bar175
T: Tay Bridge Disaster, In Memor bar175
T: Tay Bridge Disaster, The bar428
T: Tay Bridge Disaster, The bar429
T: Tay Bridge Disaster, The bar428
T: Tay Bridge Disaster, The bar429
T: Tay Bridge is Broken and I'm c bar420
T: Telegraph, The bar430
T: Temp Forum temp-f
t: template 2 cols plus Fields templa
T: Tender Engine, The bar431
T: Terrible boiler explosion at R bar432
T: Terrific Explosion at Moss End bar433
t: test dummy article test-d
t: test field tooltip (2) bar999
T: Test Media Manager test-m
t: testing columns testin
T: Textiles od044
T: The Atlantic 1873 od0054
T: The Burning of the Steamer Cit bar610
T: The Clyde Before 1851 od043
T: The Comet 1825 ns007
T: The Doomed Ship, Princess Alic bar611
T: The English Channel od041
T: The Falling Of Nine Arches And bar118
T: The First Steamers Between Lon od005
T: The Great Eastern ns010
T: The Inverary Castle Steam Boat bar713
T: The Irish Harvestmen's Triumph bar524
T: The Irish Harvestmen's Triumph bar524
T: The Irish Sea od040
t: the miners song, down amongst bar421
T: The Murder of Briggs by Hans M the-mu
T: The Navvy Boy bar263
T: The Newcastle and Carlisle Rai the-ne
T: The Northfleet ns009
T: The Parting bar579
T: The President Steam Ship bar247
T: The President Steam Ship bar247
T: The Princess Alice Disaster od0055
T: The Rail the Rail Notes bar321
T: The Railway - a poem written i bar561
T: The Railway Manias dummy the-ra
T: The Railway Platform bar338
T: The Thames Before 1851 the-th
T: The Tyne Before 1851 od017
T: The Wreck of the Princess Alic bar745
T: Theme introduction: navvie
T: There and (Not) Back! bar736
T: There Goes My Train bar437
T: There's Danger on the Line, Th bar438
T: Third Class Traveller's Petiti bar589
T: Third Class Traveller's Petiti bar589
T: Thomas Port, Epitaph of bar299
T: Thomas Port, Epitaph of bar299
T: Thomas Scaife, epitaph of bar501
T: Thoughts Suggested by the Loss bar737
T: Thoughts Suggested by the Loss bar737
T: Three Hundred Years to Come bar664
T: Three Hundred Years to Come bar664
T: Threshing Machine bar439
T: Through Express, The bar440
T: Titanic song bar595
T: To My Pick and Shovel bar441
T: Tommy's Got the Money bar442
T: Too Late for the Train bar443
T: Total Loss Of The Albion Steam bar493
T: Traction Engine, The bar444
T: Trades Unions & Politics od031
T: Train Crashes od029
T: Train Song, The bar445
T: Train Song, The bar446
T: Train Went On, The bar447
T: Train, The bar448
T: Trains bar449
T: Trains, Unison Song bar511
T: Transport Return bar533
T: Trawden Bloeberry Cake bar083
T: Trawden Bloeberry Cake bar083
T: Tren O'r Bala I Ffestiniog::(T bar450
T: Trip to Margate (A) bar451
T: Trip to Richmond by Water bar619
T: Trip to the Nore bar617
T: Tuppenny Tube bar452
T: Turntable Song bar454
T: Twelve Shilling Pension, The bar455
U: Underground Railway, The bar456
U: Underground Railway, The bar456
U: Underground Railways od032
U: Underneath the Arches bar457
U: Unfortunate Victims Scalded to bar602
U: Union Houses Must Come down an bar458
U: Unseaworthy Ship, The bar548
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V: Variant Sets index varian
V: Variant Sets info varian
V: Velocipede bar459
V: Verses on the 33 passengers bu bar460
V: Verses On The Condemnation of bar461
W: Waitin' on the Glasca' Train bar462
W: Waiting for the Train bar463
W: Waiting for the Train bar464
W: Warkworth Feast bar646
W: Washerwoman Versus The Steam W bar466
W: Washerwoman's Lament bar558
W: Washerwoman's Lament bar558
W: Watching the Trains Come in bar467
W: Watching the Trains Go By bar468
W: Watching The Trains Go Out bar469
W: Waterloo Steam Boat bar704
W: Watkin the Matter Be? bar453
W: Weaver and the Factory Maid bar470
W: Weavers Lamentation, The bar471
W: Welcome Queen Victoria To The bar472
W: Welsh Rarebit bar053
W: Western Railroad bar473
W: What Did She Know About Railwa bar474
W: What Funny Little Place to Hav bar475
W: What I Saw in My Dream as I Sl bar476
W: What I Saw in My Dream as I Sl bar476
W: When George III Was King bar545
W: When George III Was King bar545
W: When the Lusitania Went Down bar609
W: When The Steam Boat's On The W bar477
W: When This Old Hat Was New bar549
W: When This Old Hat Was New bar549
W: Why I Joined the A.S.R.S bar577
W: Why I Joined the A.S.R.S bar577
W: Widow From Mayo bar478
W: Willie Lee bar479
W: Women's Rights in Southville bar572
W: Women's Rights in Southville bar572
W: Wonderful Effects Of The Leice bar480
W: Wonders of the age bar481
W: Wreck of the Atlantic bar650
W: Wreck of the Cambria bar594
W: Wreck of the Comet Steam Boat bar720
W: Wreck of the Comet Steam Boat bar482
W: Wreck of the London (bar483) bar483
W: Wreck of the London (bar483) bar483
W: Wreck of the London (bar484) bar484
W: Wreck of the London (bar484) bar484
W: Wreck Of The Manchester Expres bar485
W: Wreck of the Northfleet , The bar724
W: Wreck of the Northfleet , The bar486
W: Wreck of the Northfleet or Far bar487
W: Wreck Of The Northfleet; Or, F bar351
W: Wreck of the Princess Alice bar488
W: Wreck of the Princess Alice (T bar627
W: Wreck of the Steamer London bar514
W: Wreck of the Steamer London bar514
W: Wreck Off London Bridge bar584
Y: Yesterday's Cleaner bar490
Y: You May Travel by Steam vs001o
Y: Young Man on the Railway, The bar491
Y: Young Man on the Railway, The bar491