Rail, the Rail, The

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Railway speculator sings the joys of his trade.


The rail! The rail! My own dear rail [Note 321.1]
As long as it last will never fail, will never fail
Setting no mark or squeamish bound
To scrip¹ that freely flies around
To raise the hopes of flats(2) to the skies
Swallowing scrip and railway lies [Note 321.2]
Swallowing scrip and railway lies
I've got the scrip
I've got the scrip
And all I care for is the tip¹
I'm board of directors high and low
And stagging(1) all where're I go;
If a smash should come, no matter, who cares!
For quicker than thought I'll bolt with the paid-up shares(1)

I love, oh how I love to scheme
In mystifying foaming steam
Where spec(1) as mad as a rail to the moon
Seem whistling to all a pleasing tune;
And telling to all, what's all the go,
And how to raise the wind when low;
I never pass the old bailey(1) door,
But I think of railing more and more,
And onward fly with my scrip to sport;
Like a stag(1) that seeketh old Capel court(1),
And a cover it's been, ne'er known to fail
For I was born to live by my own dear rail.

The stocks were low and all forlorn,
In a foggy hour when I was born,
The lame ducks(1) laugh'd and the bears¹ hey roll'd
And the brokers(1) clutch'd their bags of gold,
Oh never was heard such a boast and brag;
As welcom'd to life the railway stag;
I've pushed along in noise and strife,
Near twenty summers a dodging(1) life,
More wealth to seek and a court to range,
I'm never or seldom seen to change,
Then the smash, if it comes, let others fail,
I'll cut my friends and my own dear Rail



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Source Title The Rail! The Rail
Bargery Number 321
Roud Not in the Roud Index
Earliest Date 1845
Evidence for Earliest Date The crash in railway share prices
Latest Date 1856
Evidence for Latest Date Publication of source
Source of Text Cyclopedia of Music. Miscellaneous Series of Songs ; no. 107 British Library; Shelfmark H.2342
Author W.H.C. West [Note 321.3]
Music (Given or Suggested) The song is a parody of the Sea The Sea and the tune for that song is suggested here
Source of Music National Library of Australia ID 2474235
Composer Sigismund Neukomm (1778-1858)
Music Notation The words have been fitted to the music by means of inserting hyphens into the text rather than by amending the source notation with ties and slurs.
First Line The rail! The rail! My own dear rail
Parsed Title The rail the rail
Variant Set No variants found

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