Appeal to Non-Society Men, An

Appeal to non union men to join the amalgamated society of railway servants

You railway men about to marry,
Join our society, do not tarry;
Give your bride' all bloom and flowr'y,
Our splendid emblem for her dowry,
Tell her protected now you are
From foes at hand and dangers far,
That she has no cause to fear,
You've started well on the New Year;
And when in time you may be blest,
With prattling children like the rest,
No doubt she'll teach them thus to say:
God bless our “Dad”, now far away.
On his journey through the snow,
Thinking of home and not the blow
Of wintry winds so chill and drear,
In health and strength he knows no fear;
But should his journey be cut short
By accident, his fears are nought,
Knowing that he is protected
By our society, not neglected,
As otherwise he would have been
Had he not its good foreseen.
And should an accident befall
From this earth his life to call,
What a solace to those left
To know that they are not bereft
of the means of getting bread,
Thro' father's care, alas! now dead,
You railway men that still are single
Join our ranks and with us mingle;
Now's your time, don't hesitate,
Show the members you're a mate.
If fivepence is the price you fear,
Curtail your “baccy” and your “beer”,
For when you're at our happy meetings
You'll be well repaid by cheerful greetings;
Without the benefit you take
In case of mishap or mistake,
Think in case you are suspended
Of donation benefit not ended,
Till re-employment comes at last,
Or twenty weeks are gone and past;
And if discharged through disaffection,
Think of the fund for your protection;
That you need not starve but strive,
We grant you pounds just ten times five.
I think I've shown you all I can,
The good it is to railwayman;
And now you know the good it renders,
Be like men and become members.