Albion Mills On Fire


The illustration at the top of the song sheet. Notice the devils; one with bellows (top right)  and another fiddling (left margin) while the mill burns.

Wednesday March the second day
At six in the morning (people say)
In seventeen hundred ninety one
The fire at the Albion Mills begun
Fi loll, lal de roll

This noble building burnt so fast
Black Friars bridge could not be past
Nor could they get the engines [illegible]
Those mills did burn so furiously

Although the roof did all fall in
And then the engines did begin
But tho' with vigour they did play
The Albion mills were burnt that day

The folks were all filled with amaze
Beholding such a surprising blaze
The answer to those who did enquire
Was the Albion mills are all on fire

And now the folks begin to chat,
How the owners they did this and that
But very few did sorrow show
That the Albion Mills were burnt so low.

Says one they had it in their power,
For to reduce the price of flour,
Instead of letting the bread raise,
But now the Mills are all on blaze,

In lighters┬╣ there was saved wheat,
But scorched and scarcely fit to eat.
Some Hundred Hogs served different ways
While Albion Mills were in a blaze.

Now pray God bless us one and all,
And send the price of bread may fall.
That the poor with plenty may abound,
Tho' the Albion Mills burnt to the ground.