Steam Coach

A young woman persuades her wealthy parents to pay her to take a pleasure ride on the new steam coach



Now we are off to Brighton, Bath and Cheltenham.  [Note 624.1]
Or any other place where fashion team;
For d'ye know though danger may be felt in them,
We've now got a carriage too that goes by steam.

Perhaps a word you late have heard, if you have paid attention, too
The news each day that bears the sway(1) is of the new invention too ;
Such great renown throughout the town, and where you are approaching it,
In public sphere, you're sure to hear, that everyone is coaching it.
So they go off to, &c (Brighton, Bath and Cheltenham?)

In pleasure gay, to spend the day, for Bath or Brighton make a trip,
By steam 'tis true, because it's new, resolv'd are all to make a trip  [Note 624.2]
As they as will can go up hill, for which they have propellers, too  [Note 624.3]
That move I'fegs(1), like horses legs, at least you know they tell us so.  [Note 624.4]
So they go off to, &c

Oh! Dear papa, oblige mama, and let me go and have a ride,
If you're willing, for six shilling all the way to Bath inside; [Note 624.5]
We can go so cheap you know, and Monday is a leisure day [Note 624.6]
So do papa, oblige mamma, and make it too a pleasure day,
So they go off to, &c

I'm sure my dear, so very queer, you always are with me I vow,
No danger's there, I do declare, more pleasure will I see I vow;
My little Kate, the danger's great, I'm sure there's no denying it [Note 624.7]
But still I may, the first fine day, allow you to be trying it.
So they go off to, &c

Among the throng we push along, quite eager now are looking at
The scene of fun to all must run where places they are booking at.
There's Mrs Rough and Baker Puff, like others must be silly, too,
To take it seems a place by steam they're gone to Piccadilly, too,
So they go off to, &c

Now pleasure's heap so very cheap, I know not what to make of it;
But as it's so, I'm sure you know, we cannot but partake of it;
To Brighton now I'll go I vow and have a sort of ramille(1)
So book, I say, a place you may for me my wife and family
So they go off to, &c

Now bawling loud, among the crowd, came Patrick Denny, faith! I pray [Note 624.8]
Tell me the price, and in a trice what places do you go today;
Why any where I do declare, and cheaper to than you can walk,
Oh! Then says Pat, if you say that, why faith you may book me for Cork.
So they go off to, &c

The morn arrive (sic), then on they drive, from pa's and ma's are parting, too,
All right's the cry, at last good bye, and now we see them starting, too;
Then thro' the throng they dash along, for pleasure they are steaming it,
But if at last they go too fast, they'd better much be dreaming it.
So they go off to, &c