Funny Doings at New Brighton

The pleasures of an excursion by steamer to New Brighton including, dancing, drinking and sexual encounters.

You buxom lads and lasses gay
Give ear awhile to what I say
And if you want a holiday
Just take a trip to New Brighton [Note 655.1]
There is such pleasure, mirth and glee
So old and young of each degree [Note 655.2]
Cheer up your hearts and merry be
And take a trip to New Brighton

Chorus: So lads and lasses haste away
                  And do not make the least delay
                  But if you want a holiday
                  Just take a trip to New Brighton

Young men and maidens all serene
Both old and young will soon be seen
Dressed up in their crinoline¹ 
Have come to visit New Brighton
The boats are crowded I declare [Note 655.3]
With pretty lasses gay and fair
To have a spree(1) and drown dull care
They've come to visit New Brighton

Now every year I must remark
For pleasure frolic fun and lark
Upon the sands till after dark
Young men and maids will ramble
Some whistle some will sing
Some will dance the highland fling 
While some will form a kissing ring [Note 655.4]
And play pop goes the weasel(1) [Note 655.5]

The hurdy-gurdys they will come [Note 655.6]
And play a merry tune while some
Will drink ale whiskey gin and rum
And get drunk at New Brighton
Young chaps will try to do the grand [Note 655.7]
And coax young lasses on the sand
They'll tickle their cheeks and squeeze their hand
And treat them at New Brighton

Some will laugh some will chide
Some will open their mouths wide
While some will have a donkey ride [Note 655.8]
And get tossed at New Brighton
When [illegible] dark oh dear
Young John will feel so very queer
He'll whisper in young Mary's ear
And treat her at New Brighton

Now when the sport it is all done
On Saturday morning, oh what fun
Some score(2) will to the pop-shop run
With bolster quilts and blankets
Coats shirts and waistcoats, gowns and shawls
Shift(2), petticoats and parasols,
Will have to go to the Golden Balls [Note 655.9]
To pay for the spree at New Brighton

So now to finish up my lay
Take my advice young maidens gay
And just be careful where you stray
And mind what you do at New Brighton
The young men are so very sly
And if you don't mind your eye
Next year you'll have a girl or boy
To bring with you to New Brighton