NS002 The Opening of the Newcastle and North Shields Railway

Set members: bar273 and bar564

The success of the Stockton to Darlington Railway (1825) led to proposals for a rail link between North Shields and Newcastle. Twice a Bill was placed before Parliament and turned down. There was considerable opposition to the railway and a modified proposal was accepted in June 1836. The line opened in 1839 from Carliol Square in Newcastle via Ouseburn Viaduct, Heaton, Wallsend, Willington Viaduct and Percy Main to North Shields.  [Ref: http://suscram.weebly.com/newcastle-and-north-shields-railway.html].


1834 Plan Newcastle to North Shields Railway etched by W Collard
W. Collard (engraver) - Observations on the proposed railway from Newcastle to North Shields 1834 Tracts vol 57 p298

[Ref: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newcastle_and_North_Shields_Railway#/media/File:Proposed_1834_Plan_Newcastle_to_North_Shields_Railway_Tracts_vol_57_p298_crop_js.jpg]

Notes on the Songs

Both songs lament the impact of the new railway on the river traffic including the steamboats. Both songs were written by men who had a financial stake in the matter.

Bar273 ~ New song on the opening of the Newcastle and Shields Railway was printed under the name of ‘Ben Mainmast, Pilot, South Shields’; and Bar564~A new local song on the opening of the Newcastle & North Shields Railway was written by Robert Gilcrist, a sail maker.