Recit. [ative?] A happy day was in twilight closing
And on a vessel's deck all hearts were gay.
The sun's last rays were on the waves reposing
As sped the Princess Alice on her way


 [488Verse & Chorus]

Nearing home so full of gladness
Seven hundred souls on board
All without a trace of sadness
Making mirth with one accord
Quickly joys gave way to sorrow
Women children men so brave
Doom'd to be before the morrow
Folded in a wat'ry grave

Chorus: Husbands wives and happy mothers
                 Dreamt not of the danger nigh
                 Little children, sisters, brothers
                 Call'd away to dwell on high
                 Call'd away to dwell on high

When their homes they fast were nearing
When the mirth was at its height
Came the fatal collier steering
Thro' the darkness of the night
'Gainst the ill-starred vessel crashing
Cutting sturdy beams in twain
Fast the cruel prow came dashing
Cries for succour were in vain.

Hundreds battled with the waters
Never more to reach the shore
Fathers mothers sons and daughters
Sank alas to rise no more
Awful scene of sad disaster
Weep with those hapless friends
Summon'd were to meet their master
Call'd to where all trouble ends.